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Tech Answers From Woodward 2001 CAAP

Answers to questions asked at the POA visit to CAAP in August

2002 Model year changes-

  • Colors: Inca Gold Pearl and Deep Candy Red added.
  • Low Tire Pressure System (LTPS) Generation II system: smaller, lighter transmitters and revised receiver. (Same system used on 2002 mini vans and Grand Cherokees)
  • Engine controller: updated to 2001 code
  • Transmission controller: torque management fault updates, refinements for overdrive clutch protection, kickdown shift quality and grade hunting

Dealer allocation- Dealers can now order cars and customer pickup at CAAP can be arranged.

Production Plan– A 20,000-vehicle production run was the plan from the begining. Currently production is about 11,000 vehicles. The total run would be approximately 16,000 through 2003 model year.

The 2001 cars seem faster. Is it the computer and torque converter?- The changes made to the engine computer and torque converter would not make the cars faster. The engine computer was updated for On Board Diagnostics (OBDII) requirements. The torque converter change was an early introduction in 2001 production (October 2000) to update the lockup feature with a dual rate damper system which would better match the engine to the converter. Part number 4736427AC (was 4736815AA).

Hood emblem part numbers- 4815619 blue for purple Plymouth, 0SL76TRMAA Plymouth, Chrysler 0UW47TRMAA (TRM is color designation: orange YVF, silver YSA, etc).

Creaking noise- The rear struts from the frame to suspension crossmember have been reported in the field to be a cause for a creaking noise at the rear of the car. Also, a creaking noise in the front was also traced to the front swaybar bushings/brackets on 1997 and early 1999 cars, which was fixed by Teflon coating the swaybar bushing mounting bracket.

Urking noise at idle, in gear with brakes on- No good indication of cause without listening to the car making the noise.

300M shift knob (chrome)– There is a length difference between Prowler and 300M (LH) cars: the Prowler is 25 to 30mm shorter and the LH knobs should be trimmed to the Prowler length to avoid any problems with shifter operation.

Center Hub cap- A thinner retention wire went into production in mid June 2001. Hub cap part number 4865352AB.

Braces added to suspension- Not recommended. The frame is flexible by design and changing flexibility would need to be tested to insure no adverse durability results from stiffening the frame.

Mopar for 2002- Nothing new.

Trailer- Mopar working with supplier to fix loosening of latch mechanism and latch mounting bracket pulling off body.

Miscellaneous answers/info from Discussion board:

Octane– Prowler designed to operate at peak performance with premium fuel but can be driven with lower octane. Lower octane will become a factor when the load is greater on the engine such as pulling a trailer, driving up grades, higher ambient temperatures, etc.

Woodward Editions- No 1999 Woodwards built.

Top speed- Governed by fuel shutoff (130 mph due to tire rating).

Wheel info:

  • Front - 17X7 ˝ 31mm offset
  • Rear - 20X10 19mm offset
  • Bolt pattern - 5 lug with 4 ˝ inch bolt circle

A special thank you goes out to Jerry Scholten and everyone else at DaimlerChrysler responsible for compiling this information!