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Prowler Facts & Statistics


If you're a hot rodder, the first thing you do when you see a new engine is count the spark plug wires. To save you the trouble, Prowler has a 3.5 liter high-output SOHC 24-valve aluminum V6 - and for a lot of sound reasons: Packaging of people and roadability being the main ones.

But this free-revving 60-degree design cranks out enough suds (253 horsepower at 6,400 rpm) and yank (255 pound-feet of torque at 3,950 RPM) to get anybody's attention. It has an aluminum block with a forged steel crank bedded in the four main bearings. The heads and pistons are aluminum. It's been dressed-up, and heated-up slightly -- a less restrictive air cleaner, cast stainless steel exhaust manifolds that make tube-type headers look primitive, and EFI linear cam throttle body for surprisingly quick, crisp response, so stay awake. Click Here to see an overview on the V6 series engine.

And keep your eyes on the rev counter -- because when you make use of the AutoStick(r) feature of the four-speed electronically controlled automatic transaxle and forget to upshift, an engine management system shuts down the fuel supply at 6600 RPM. You will notice the transition. You see this is the one automatic we install that doesn't have a mandatory upshift built in. You select a gear in AutoStick(r) mode, you shift it up or down as you desire. For the gearheads, final drive ratio is 3.89; individual gears are: 2.842 1st, 1.573 2nd. 1.000 3rd. and 0.689 (overdrive) 4th.

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  • Wheelbase - 113"
  • Overall Length - 165"
  • Overall Width - 76"
  • Overall Height - 51"
  • Track (f/r) - 62"/63"
  • Turning Diameter - 39'
  • Head Room - 37"
  • Leg Room - 43"
  • Shoulder Room - 52"

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Key Facts


  • High-output 3.5L V6
  • 24-valve SOHC aluminum block
  • Sequental multipoint electronic fuel injection
  • 60 degree OHC
  • 253 horsepower at 6,400 rpms
  • 255 pound-feet of torque at 3,950 rpms
Engine Breathing:
  • Dual throttle bodies inductionin '97, special exhaust
  • Rear-wheel four-speed fully adaptive, electronically controlled automatic with AutoStick(r)
Curb Weight:
  • 2,838 lb.
  • 4-wheel power disc, vented
  • Power rack-and-pinion
  • Front - Independent upper and lower control arms with pushrods
  • Rear - Independent multilink, modified double-wishbone with front and rear stabilizer bars
  • Front/Rear - coil-over shock
  • P225/45HR17 (front) and P295/40HR20 (rear)
  • Goodyear Extended Mobility (EMT) with run-flat capability and low tire pressure sensor
  • Cast aluminum (17-inch front, 20-inch rear)
Standard Equipment List:
  • Air bags, driver-side integral with steering wheel; Passenger-side (with on/off switch)- Located in the instrument panel
  • Certified to the new Federal Regulations that allow less forceful air bags. Always use seat belts. Rearward-facing child seats can only be used with passenger air bag turned off.)
Air Conditioning:
  • CFC-free refrigerant with outlets located in the instrument panel
  • Windshield
  • 4-wheel power disc, vented
  • Contrasting front and rear
  • Center with armrest, cassette storage and cup holder
  • Manual, cloth top (Black)
Deck Lid Release:
  • Remote
Defroster, Rear Window:
  • Electric
Door Locks:
  • Power, auto with time delay Dynamic Side-Impact Protection
Floor Mats:
  • With color-keyed "Prowler" monogram
Fuel Capacity:
  • 12-gallon capacity
  • Body-color
  • Composite aerodynamic quad projector beam; Front side markers
Instrument Panel:
  • With cluster speedometer, fuel, temp, volts and oil pressure (Tachometer mounted on steering column)
Interior Lighting:
  • Dual front courtesy, glove box
Exterior Mirrors:
  • Dual power, body-color
  • AM/FM cassette with graphic equalizer and CD changer controls with remote 6-disc changer, amplifier and 7 speakers
Seat Belts:
  • Color-keyed, 3-point Unibelt
  • Leather-trimmed low-back bucket seats with halo head restraint and seatback's map pocket Passenger-side only), manual 6-way driver's seat height adjuster
Shift Knob:
  • Leather-wrapped
Speed Control:
  • Electronic control
Steering Wheel:
  • Leather-wrapped wheel with center horn blow, speed control switches and radio control switches
Tilt Steering Wheel:
  • With tachometer
  • Power
Windshield Wipers:
  • Wet-arm intermittent

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A word from Chrysler

The Prowler is Plymouth's tribute to a truly original American art form: the street rod.

Its odyssey from design idea to concept car to production vehicle is our salute to the spirited, creative passions of those who have made such enduring machines, and re-affirmation of why Chrysler Corporation and its employees design, engineer and manufacture great cars and great trucks in the first place.

The following price is the MSRP for the 1999 Prowler:

Prowler Roadster ... $ 40000.00*

*All prices are based upon Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice. Price includes destination charge and does not include taxes and title fees. Dealers are independent and are free to set their own pricing. Prices may be higher in AK, CA, MA, CT and NY. See your Dealer for details.

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Body Materials

The Prowler is a rolling celebration of new technology and materials. Staying true to its hot-rod roots, however, Prowler's architecture remains body-on-frame, and the top priorities - rigidity, strength yet light in weight - were all met with the use of tommorow's material's technology.

Sections are joined by slip-in Node and Clevis castings which are MIG welded, as are the various brackets and mounts. The robotic welding is so precisely executed that each bead has an almost jewel-like quality to it. Two alloys are used, 6061 and 6063, both in T6 temper (which is well into the hardness and strength end of the aluminum designation scales). These are expensive alloys, but relatively easy to form - and they can be further hardened to near steel equivalency through "heat aging" as well as other ways. The two alloys lend themselves to the creation of "crush" zones, and the wrinkled "dimple" near the front of the frame also collapses under impact. Provisions for the cockpit take up slightly more than the center third of Prowler's frame, assuring passenger room aplenty, and full compliance with federal safety mandates, including dual air bags* and side-impact protection.

*Certified to the new Federal Regulations that allow less forceful air bags. Always use seat belts. Rearward-facing child seats can only be used with passenger air bag turned off.

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Q: How much does the Prowler cost?

A: The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for the 1999 Plymouth Prowler is $ 40000.00 . The destination charge is included in this price.

Q: What is the engine size and horsepower?

A: The 3.5-liter high-output 24-valve SOHC V6 is rated at 253 hp @ 6,400 rpm and 255 lb-ft of torque @ 3,950 rpm.

Q: Does the Prowler have an automatic or manual transaxle?

A: The Prowler has an automatic transaxle with the AutoStick(r)

Q: What is the tire size?

A: The front P225/45HR17 tires are on 17 inch wheels. The rear P295/40HR20 wheels are on 20 inch wheels. Both the front and rear tires have run-flat capability and low-tire-pressure sensor.

Q: Where is the spare tire kept?

A: There's no spare available. The tires are (Goodyear) extended-mobility with run-flat capability which eliminates the need for a spare tire. You can travel up to 50 miles at 55 mph before the tire has to be serviced or changed.

Q: Does the Plymouth Prowler come in any other color than purple?

A: The Prowler comes in Prowler Purple and new for the 1999 model year is Prowler Yellow (extra cost). Prowler Purple continues as the standard color, and for the first two months of the 1999 model year, only Prowler Purple cars were built. Production of Prowlers in Prowler Yellow began in March 1998. Prowler Purple will remain the standard color after production of Prowler Yellow cars begins.

Q: Does the Plymouth Prowler have a top?

A: Yes. A manual soft top with glass rear window and integrated defroster.

Q: Does the Prowler have cloth or leather seating?

A: Leather-trimmed seating is standard.

Q: Does the Prowler have a backseat?

A: No. Prowler has two front bucket seats.

Q: What type of sound system does the vehicle have?

A: Infinity(r) AM/FM cassette with six-disc CD changer, remote amplifier and seven speakers.

Q: Has the Prowler changed significantly for 1999?

A: The major change for Prowler in 1999 is the engine. The new standard engine is the 3.5-liter High-output SOHC 24-valve aluminum block V6. This new power plant boosts horsepower by 18 percent to 253 bhp (from 214 bhp in 1997), and torque by 15 percent to 255 lb. ft. (from 221 lb. ft.). Another change is the late availability of an additional Prowler color, Prowler Yellow (at extra cost). Prowler Purple will continue as the standard color through 1999. Additional enhancements include illuminated power window switches with driver's side 'express- down' and a passenger-side air bag cutoff switch. No exterior styling changes have been made to the 1999 Prowler.

Q: Where is the Prowler being built?

A: Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit, Michigan.

Q. How can I purchase a 1997 Prowler?

A. Some of the Chrysler-Plymouth dealerships which received 1997 Prowlers still have cars in stock for sale. Interested prospects should contact their local Chrysler-Plymouth dealership to determine availability.

Q: With 1997 production now completed, is the next Prowler a 1998 model?

A: The next Prowler is the 1999 Prowler. Production of the 1999 Prowler began in January 1998 and will continue through mid-1999. Deliveries to dealers of the 1999 Prowler began in February 1998.

Q. How will the 1999 Prowler be distributed?

A. 1999 Prowlers will be assigned to Chrysler-Plymouth dealers in the U.S. following assembly at the plant. The first dealers to receive 1999 Prowlers were those dealers that had been scheduled to receive a 1997 vehicle but did not get one. Retail sales performance and Five Star Award for Excellence will be factors in determining distribution of 1999 Prowlers to dealers beyond this initial phase.

Q: Are dealers taking orders for the Prowler?

A: At this time, dealer and customer orders for the Prowler are not being accepted. Prowlers are assigned for shipment to dealers after they are produced.

Q: Why has it not been possible for retail customers to order a Prowler?

A: 1997 Prowlers were assigned for delivery to dealers following production because of the very limited availability of cars in the production launch year. Dealers were informed of this plan, and were advised not to accept customer orders or deposits for Prowlers because such "orders" could not be backed with production allocation. This program has lessened customer disappointment with unfulfilled orders that were not built due to lower production. As the Prowler is still in the production launch stage, customer and dealer orders are not yet being accepted.

Q: With two colors now being offered on the Prowler, will customers be able to select their preferred color choice in advance?

A: For the period during which dealer and customer orders are not accepted, selection of color will depend on availability of cars in dealer inventory.

Q. Since the Prowler MSRP is $ 40000.00 , why do some dealers advertise the car for substantially more money?

A. Only 324 Prowlers were distributed to U.S. dealers in 1997. This extremely small number of units, covering about one-tenth of the total U.S. C-P dealer network, could not begin to satisfy the early demand for the Prowler. Such a shortage at a time of great demand may push transaction prices over the MSRP, a situation that is not encouraged, endorsed or condoned by Chrysler Corporation. 1999 Prowler production has been at a much greater daily rate than in 1997 and several hundred units have already been produced and shipped to dealers. The greater availability of more Prowlers through more dealerships in more markets may have the effect of lowering transaction prices over time for the car in the 1999 model year.

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Production Figures - As of February 15, 2002 (End of Prowler Production)

1997 MY

US CAN Total for Sale Pilot Total Built
Purple 343 53 396 61 457

1999 MY

US CAN Total for Sale Pilot Total Built
Purple 1008 126 1134 0 1134
Yellow 561 23 584 21 605
Black 779 20 799 0 799
Red 1322 61 1383 0 1383
1999 Total 3670 230 3900 21 3921

2000 MY

US CAN Total for Sale Pilot Total Built
Purple 0 0 0 0
Yellow 526 46 572 0 572
Black 1041 71 1112 0 1112
Red 190 0 190 3 193
Silver 661 38 699 12 711
Woodward 151 0 151 2 153
Two/Tone 0 0 0 5 5
2000 Total 2569 155 2724 22 2746

2001 MY

US CAN Total for Sale Pilot Total Built
Purple 0 0 0 0 0
Yellow 0 0 0 0 0
Black 0 0 0 0 0
Red 0 0 0 0 0
Silver 527 18 545 0 545
Woodward 0 0 0 0 0
Black/Tie 151 12 163 5 168
Orange 669 20 689 6 695
Blue - Chrysler 1178 100 1278 3 1281
Black - Chrysler 1 0 1 0 1
Orange - Chrysler 345 0 345 1 346
Silver - Chrysler 106 0 106 0 106
Inca Gold - Chrysler 0 0 0 0 0
2001 Total 2977 150 3127 15 3142

2002 MY

US CAN Total for Sale Pilot Total Built
Blue - Chrysler 0 0 0 0 0
Black - Chrysler 0 0 0 0 0
Orange 0 0 0 0 0
Silver - Chrysler 98 0 98 0 98
Inca Gold - Chrysler 583 30 613 3 616
Yellow - Chrysler 390 30 420 0 420
Candy Red - Chrysler 274 25 299 2 301
High Voltage Blue - Chrysler 1 0 1 0 1
2002 Total 1346 85 1431 5 1436

Grand Total

US CAN Total for Sale Pilot Total Built
Purple 1351 179 1530 61 1591
Yellow 1087 69 1156 21 1177
Black 1820 91 1911 0 1911
Red 1512 61 1573 3 1576
Silver 1188 56 1244 12 1256
Woodward 151 0 151 2 153
Two Tone 0 0 0 5 0
Black/Tie 151 12 163 5 168
Orange - Plymouth 669 20 689 6 695
Blue - Chrysler 1178 100 1278 3 1281
Black - Chrysler 1 0 1 0 1
Orange - Chrysler 345 0 345 1 346
Silver - Chrysler 204 0 204 0 204
Inca Gold - Chrysler 583 30 613 3 616
Yellow - Chrysler 390 30 420 0 420
Candy Red - Chrysler 274 25 299 2 301
High Voltage Blue - Chrysler 1 0 1 0 1
Total Plymouth 7929 488 8417 115 8532
Total Chrysler 2976 185 3161 9 3170
Total Prowler 10905 673 11578 124 11702


Total Built
Purple 379
Yellow 183
Black 183
Red 194
Silver 112
Woodward 26
Black/Tie 15
Orange 108
Blue 68
Inca Gold 43
Candy Red 39
High Voltage Blue 1
Unpainted / Kit 16
Grand Total* 1367
*This represents approx. 10% of all Prowlers manufactured.

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