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Tech Answers From Woodward 2000 CAAP

Moisture in headlamps - There are tests being done by the supplier to eliminate the problem. Several proposals have been tried without success. Stay tuned for further developments.

Ceramic brake pads - The front pads that have been mentioned on the discussion boards may indeed cause less brake dust but what, if any, performance testing has been done to verify that the braking characteristics will not change? Normal braking conditions may not be an issue, but panic stops, brake fade or front/rear balance, etc., could be affected.

The rear pads are another issue as the rear rotors are a metal-matrix composite aluminum, one-piece casting. Any trace of iron in replacement pads will score the rotor surface to the point of replacement. The service manual is very specific on pad replacement in that the replacement pads must be factory pads or pads that meet the original manufacturer formulation.

Extensive testing has gone into the brake system used on the Prowler and changing formulation to anything else requires new testing to verify brake system performance.

Oil pressure readings on the gauge - What you get in the Prowler are actual readings and depend on the engine speed and temperature.

Noise in radio - If the noise is a hiss or static, the cause probably will be a ground strap that is not in place or not clamped tightly to the metal. There is a strap from the hood to body on the right side. A second strap is connected to the wiper motor, body and windshield frame.

Fuel gauge readings - If the readings are erratic, it probably is the sending unit in the fuel tank.

Engine temperature gauge - The temperature gauge should read near the mid point under most circumstances. However, depending on heat load, the temperature could reach the 7/8ths mark on the gauge without harm to the system. If the engine light comes on, then there is concern for overheating and should be taken to the dealer for diagnosis.

Tachometer lighting - The Autometer tach was upgraded for DC by adding the lighted pointer and removable bulb. The low lighting issue from 4000 to 6000 rpm is most noticeable at twilight and will not change by replacing the bulb or the complete tachometer.

Leaking top - Dealer can adjust seals and replace if necessary as well as adjusting the window. The rear most seal on the side window has been lengthened during 1999 production to create a better joint.

CD player skipping - The CD player should not skip. Check mounting nuts and studs. If the mounting is tight, go to dealer to resolve the issue.

Rev limit in neutral - Corporate direction since 1998. LH (Concorde/Intrepid) cars have a 4000 rpm cut-off and Prowler is 5000 rpm (higher limit directed by Prowler team) for transmission protection.

Transmission in torque converter lock/unlock - When in autostick, third gear will lock up after the throttle stays in one position for a designated time and will unlock with throttle position change. In fourth gear the TC will lock up and will not unlock with throttle position change, but will downshift to third.

Floor mats (color-coded) - Part number for the mat is 0RQ77TRM without grommet hole and 0Q77TRMAB with grommet hole where TRM is the color code. 1AZ for purple, 1YZ for yellow, 1SZ for black and silver, 1RD for red and 1 VF for orange.

Tip on air filter replacement: The removal and installation will go much easier if the clamp on the duct to the air cleaner lid is loosened which allows the lid to turn easier. If the clamp is tight, then you fight the air duct every time trying to turn the lid to remove/install the filter element.

Note to Larry Mayes:
There is no easy way to defeat the lockup feature of the torque converter. There is no separate solenoid for the lock-up feature as is the case with mechanically controlled transmissions.

New items for 2001:

Shock absorber supplier
A/C condenser - new design and supplier
Cat logo on ignition key
EGR valve
Brake lining wear indicators (Squealers)
Orange color and Black Tie edition

The part numbers for the upgrade to 2000 suspension are as follows:

Front shock assemblies - 5264892AA (2 ea.) (5290906AB 2001 PN)
Rear shock assemblies - 5264895AB (2 ea.) (52909608AC 2001 PN)
Rear upper lateral links - 5264898AA (4 ea.)
The ball joints are larger and might require the frame casting to be relieved for clearance (minimal grinding).

Special Note: A big thank you to CJ Longstreth for getting all this information together!

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