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Forum:Technical Questions & Answers
Topic:Oil flush
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T O P I C     R E V I E W
TchootchI bought my Prowler last summer but it didn't come with much of a service history. I know the engine oil is not very old although I don't know exactly, so I'm going to do an oil change.

I have read in a couple of places online that this engine is prone to some sludge build up and so I'm planning on on performing a flush. I think I will use some Liqui-Moli Pro Line engine flush.

Does anyone have any experience of flushing the engine or using the Liqui-Moli product? Anyone experienced any sludge build up?

Richnew41How many miles on her?
I would not just jump into an engine flush unless you know of sludge that exists… Normally, just an oil change is a good indicator of how clean your engine is… Inspect what comes out and go from there…
Others may have a different opinion…
RPLDo an oil analysis first. Blackstone Labs does a great job. it will tell you a lot about the condition of your engine. One of the best analytical tools and few talk about it.
garysssI haven't seen anything on sludge build up. If it looks clean on the dip stick, I wouldn't be to worried about flushing the engine. If super dark or dirty looking on stick, I would change it and see what's in the pan.
padrooHere is Blackstone Labs link, click the link for a free test kit.


TchootchMileage is low, under 19000 miles. It's mostly the 24 years and lack of history that makes me think of flushing the engine out. I don't think it can do any harm.

I'll give some thought to the oil analysis.

Thanks for your replies,

mslc10I have made the mistake of “flushing” a high mileage engine. Evidently the “flush” cleaned the sludge out of the rings that were keeping the engine from passing oil past the rings. It burned oil and blew blue smoke after the flush. 😳

I think sludge only is harmful if it plugs the oil return holes in the heads. If they become clogged then oil will be retained in the heads and not return to the pan, starving the engine of oil tho it’s full of oil.

I would check oil before you start it, make a note of the level, start and run the engine a bit, stop the engine , check oil, make a note of level, let is sit for 3-4 mins, check oil again , make a note of level. Oil should flow back into the pan fairly quickly. If you notice a big level change in those 3 levels you may have a sludge problem…..just my 2 cents.

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