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Topic:Air Patrol Owners!
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T O P I C     R E V I E W
cnilejrJust curious. How do you prefer to mount your air patrol? Slope towards the back or slope towards the front?
mist302slopes back
Looks better
ersfrslope forward. this bring the air patrol closer to the seats and reduces the glare I used to get with the slope back. I thought it also helped with buffeting more air. thus reducing the turbulances in the cab. steve
GenoTexMine is sloped back, at all times ... Follows the 'lines' of the windshield
TaxKatCan you show some pics of what you all are talking about???
cnilejrAny ideas on how to lessen or eliminate the glare when you have the airpatrol sloped towards the back? All I see is the sky in my rear view during the day from the reflection off the air patrol.
nitrosteveYou might try tinting it, if it isn't, it worked for me, and my brother.
leav61I'm lost too taxcat. I didn't know the thing would move around. Mine just stands straight up. Pictures would tell the story. Come on guys wheres the pictures?
GenoTexThe air patrol 'tilts' either forward or backward just a tad, depending upon which way you insert it.... insert yours, then remove it and turn it around and re-insert it. You'll see the difference. One way 'slopes' a bit more backward, the other is more 'erect'.

ed monahanIn other words are the "handles" toward the front of the car or toward the rear of the car. It moves the air patrol an inch or two closer or farther away from your head and it has a slight angle to it.

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