Instructions to post pictures on the POA website:

(NOTE: Pay attention to the terms "click" and "right-click". When I say "click", then that
means a normal left button mouse click. In some instances, I say "right-click"... You must
do a right mouse button click - so pay attention.)
***ALSO NOTE*** You must be a registered member and have cookies enabled on your computer!

Step 1: Click the paperclip.

Step 2: Click Browse.

Step 3: Use the "Choose file" dialog box to locate the image to be uploaded.
(Note: The size of the file must be less than 70 KB. in size. If you hold the
mouse still on the file it should show you it's size. If it is too big, then
resize it before clicking on OPEN in this dialog box.) After clicking on the
filename, then click OPEN.

Step 4:Click Upload Now! and then wait. It may literally take a few minutes,
depending on your connection speed to upload the picture. When the upload is
complete, then you will see the display in step 5 below.

Step 5:When you see this display, then highlight the image text by pointing to
the left of the text, and then holding the left mouse button down, and then
dragging the mouse to the right of the text. Realease the mouse button. The
text should be highlighted as shown below. Next, RIGHT-click the blue selected
text, move the mouse to "Copy" and click on "Copy". Don't close this window
until you successfully complete step 6.

Step 6: RIGHT-click in the message area, move the mouse to "Paste" and click on
"Paste". The text for the image should appear. Click the PREVIEW button to
see what your message will look like with the uploaded picture. Close the "Upload"
Window (from steps 4 and 5). You are DONE!!!