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Andria Raine (alrtg)
ALRTG, 2000 Silver Prowler
Engine Shot
Dash Shot
I bought this car from a longtime friend with modifications already done so I can not take the credit for them. This car was initially owned in Houston Texas and modified by the original owner (Richard F) to the best of my knowlege. Modifications include but are not limited to: Paxton Headers, Pro Gears, X Pipe, Borla Exhaust, Dual Cold Air Intake, Paint and Airbrush Flames on Body extend to TGF door panels and Intake Plenum. Dyna Mat, carpeted trunk area upgraded speakers, and Chrome throughout. It is apparent the original owner put a lot of effort into this car and I am lucky to own it. I have purchased several items recently to make the car my own and have every intention on enjoying it to the best of my ability. I hope to spend as much time as I can with my parents in their Black Tie in the coming years.
I got my first choice for a tag...
Vacationing with Parents, 2009 Note the changes in my car: Grille, Marker Lights, Tag Bracket, Real Rod Nose Guards, and Mill's Turn Signal Relocation.
Dad's Black Tie
This photo of prior cars was taken in about 1991 in the driveway of the guy I bought my Prowler from. In order is the 356 Replica, 1966 V8 Corvair, 1969 C.O.P.O. Camaro, 1984 V6 T-bird, 1987 V8 S-10, Wish I still had them today.
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