Prowler Owners Association ScrapBook
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Will Navarro
2 Kats on the loose in Vegas
Making a quick exit from the Venetian Hotel
Following my new POA friend Nic a.k.a. "Deniro". Prowler owner in Las Vegas who met up with us for Lunch. On our way to the park to take more pictures.
Close up of Nics Kat
Will & Nic, Anna always behind the camera but don't worry I did get one picture of her.
look at the belly pan of nics car, this car is loaded with mods.
Our babies
This picture was taken from our room.
Havin a beer with my beautiful wife and listening to a band
Anna having dinner and drinks beside the gondola rides in the Venetian Hotel.
Our view while boozing it up.
Will and Anna, Mirage Hotel in background (volcano show).
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