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Todd McCormack
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The day I drove her home.
The corner of the grage is all prowler.
Nice Bum
The new mod, three side vents.
The Night Kat, on my way home to Lethbridge AB Canada
dyed seat's and door pannels, and new alum, peddels.
Here's a little bit of trivia for all you Kat people, Plymouth built some where around 8500 car's total for sale. of that 8500, only 488 were built for Canada, of that 488 only 155 were built for Canada in 2000. Of that 155 built for Canada in 2000 only 38 were silver, and I have one of thoes 38 in my garage. Plymouth only made another 30 car's for Canada, 18 silver and 12 black tie, until Chrysler took over production.
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