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Mike (Goodguys Giveaway) Smith
Goodguys 1998 Plymouth Prowler Giveaway
This was the card they passed out at the shows. Somewhere at each place the car would be on display, and these cards would be sitting on it or near it to encourage people to sign up at the booth. Join the Goodguys and win the Prowler. Crysler is their sponsor. The next giveaway car was built using a V-10 Viper crate motor! Gary Meadors, Pres of Goodguys, also gave Mike a copy of the press release. Very nice to have. That's the press release in Mike's hand on the right in Gary's office in Pleasanton, California
Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, California. Mike Smith is standing in front of the car and that's me Danny Smith behind the car. We got vip wrist bands that allowed us pretty much anywhere at the Drag strip including the press box and next to the launch pad
The top shot I took on our drive back from Cali. We took I-40 to Flagstaff, Arizona and went north. This shot was in monument Valley in Utah on highway 163, between Kayenta, Arizona and Mexican Hat, Utah. We had a trailer hooked on it, but I took the shot so that it would not be seen. I would imagine it was the only Prowler to ever go through this area. Pretty desolate. The bottom shot was made in Mike's front yard with a better camera. That's in Seymour, Tn.
We drove the car all the way home, I think it was around 3,600 miles. We came up through Colorado since our sister lived there at the time. We also has some pictures at the Grand Canyon and all through Utah and Colorado. We took it to the Goodguys show in Indianapolis later that year where we met Sam Foose, whose son designed the car (I believe) and Art Himsel who painted the flames. Mike later took the Prowler to the Fort Worth show where he got to drive around the track and had his picture made on turn two with the top down. The funny thing he didn't realize his left rear tire was flat. With those tires, a light on the dash tells you if one is low. Well it had been blinking once in awhile since he had the car and he thought the light was acting up. Turns out he was doing ~ 100mph on a tire with only 17 psi. Not bad.
Check out the pipes, the Goodguys hitch cover, and the fine detail paint work by Art Himsel. You can't see it from here but he autographed it here by the yellow.
Thanks Danny -

"Mike Smith is my brother. He is the one who won the car. He isn't too much on computers so I do that for him. I do email and faxes for him as well as making forms and scanning pictures.
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