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Some Pics of my 2001 Prowler. I drove it a year in USA (2003), cruised from the Lakes to the NSRA StreetRod Nats Louisville, drove down to FT Lauderdale,Florida and shipped the Prowler to Germany. Siver mods : Brizz custom rear bumper, Chrom Grill by Gary, Mills relocation set and more... The Burned-orange was added in Jan.2008. I cruised " -California- " with the Prowler till April 08. The Foose Design Custom-Kat ( One-Off Intro-Rims,BellyPan by Gary,Mill Turn Signal Relocation Set,No wipers,Ceramic Brake Pds,smooth Bodylines, ... ) got shipped to Europe. The Prowler is a addition to my pre 49" Street Rod hobby. --- View my other rides in the NSRA Forum:
2001 Plymouth Prowler
Fun at a Car Show
Brizz custom (one-off) bumpers for the Prowler
Parking at a Hotel in Weilburg, Germany
Scene info in German Language : , USA:
Driving a Prowler in the California Sun is wonderful. I did this with the Orange" during 2 vacations in 2008.
Intro Retro 19 x 8 Rims on 225/35R19 ( The Intro 19x8 rims need about 8mm more back spacing as the org. Prowler 7.5x17 rim)
Chrom front covers worked good on bouth Prowlers,even on high (full)speed at the German Autobahn.
Palm Alley, Pleasanton, CA
Intro Retro Rims 9x22 on 285/35R22. The 9x22 intro-retro rims need 28mm less backspacing as the org. 20" Prowler rims for a great sitīin the rearfender set-up.
this Kat sitīs right
Cruising in P-Town & Livermore, CA
Hwy 580 to SFO
Pleasanton, CA a real Rod & Custom, Muscle and Classic Car Mekka" . . .
Having lots of fun at the Goodguys - Pleasanton,CA Fairground !!
On a highway in Great-Britain ( uh, wrong side driving ...)
Skyline of Frankfurt, Germany
Silver Kat with PPB-Gary Chrom-Grill
Chrome front axles covers on the silver Prowler
Chrome Grill, front axles and license plate bracket.
Cruising in the swiss alps near Interlaken, CH
Near Lauterbrunnen, Swiss Alps
swiss alps, near lake thun & interlaken
Prowler a in Frankfurt-Germany Garage.
Prowler from the top
Is there a U.F.O in the backyard ???
2001 Prowler right side view
wider rim oct. 2009
2016, Smooth & Wide, the prowler sits right.
silver & burned-orange
silver, custom rear bumper by brizz
Nitro OlympX HotRodSpecial - Hockenheim Raceway
Chrom Grill by Gary new in April 2010
Comfort Headrests for long distance cruises
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