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Geoff "19 4LIFE" Gelb
I am what's known as "Chronically Immature" or what's known as "The Peter Pan Syndrome"! I lack the ability (or desire) to mature and become an "Adult" [yuck!]. That's why I've always said "I may have to grow older, but I refuse to grow up!" I stopped having birthdays after 19 cause I figured that's the only way to stay a teenager for the rest of my life. That's why my license plate reads "19 4LIFE"! Here are some pics of my new 2000 silver Prowler, and some of my old 1999 purple Prowler with a great ghost flame paint job just before it was totalled.
This is the 2000 silver Prowler as I bought it originally on Valentines Day 2005 to replace my previous 1999 purple Prowler which was totalled on Xmas Eve 2004. All original equipment with only 7,000 miles on it. I guess the original owner had no imagination.
Purple neon inside the grill and behind the seats. Both either glow steady or pulse to the beat of the music! I'm adding a Color Morphics under body light system after I get the mods done and the car painted.
Close-up of hood [Done by Primo Customs of Chatsworth, CA.]
Close-up of nose with matching screaming flaming skulls. Too bad this car was totalled only 8 days after getting this fabulous paint job!
My CA License Plate that lets everyone knows that they're dealing with a eternal teenager
Here's an idea I have for changing the front grill and adding lights (highbeam/low beam & turn signal) to the front fenders so that the lights would turn with you asd you go around a corner thereby letting you see everything a little bit ahead of time - Just like the famous 'Tucker' automobile had planned but never got around to incorporating into it's final design!
Here's another idea I had for putting in some extra headlights behind a custom cut and molded plexiglass lens that seems to just make the two headlights become one long & wide headlight (sorta like the Batmobile). I'd love to hear what you think of my ideas. Are they cool or ugly - or just plain hideous? Should I go ahead and do it (before Xmas 2007)? I can always save the regular grill if I want to sell it....
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