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Eddie "The Piddler" Boone
How many colors of Candy can this Prowler be? Answer - Its a different color each time you look.

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  The Line Up 
  What am I going to drive today 
  This one is fun also 
  Another head turner 
  What can I say 
  One of my other baby's 
  We all like the Prowler 
  Some of my other toys are guns. I like Full Auto (MG) and big guns. 
  These cars were parked in the wrong place. I like to blow things up, also. 
  Is this the same car, YES 
  Shine ing 
  Got me a new scoop on the SSR. 
  My twins 
  Got me a new tail on the Prowler 
  Prowlers like to watch TV 
  Looking Good 
  Yes, I love my Prowler 
  Got Shine Also 
  What to do next 
  Sun glasses needed 
  This is what its about 
  Step 1 of many 
  Painted but not installed 
  Red things 
  Got my nose done 
  Clean looking nose 
  Night Eyes 
  New Brake Lines 
  The Kat had to see the Super Bowl 
  Added shift knob and door panels 
  Got this toy gun for the Prowler 
  Got a new spoiler for the SSR 
  Ready To Prowl 
  How about a Candy Ride-On 
  Wrong color, time to get the paint out 
  Building a Candy Kat 
  Road Ready 
  My Kat Pack, for now! 
  Another new addition to my Prowler Pack. Soon to be Pearl White. 
  New Addition 
  The new addition getting a make over 
  Red going to Peal White 
  This one is going to have to wait to be Candy 
  There is a perl in the house now also 
  More Perl 
  Good ride Dunlop's 
  Clear markers 
  New Tail 
  Best Paint 
  Take it apart 
  Paint Ride On 
  Ride Ride On 
  Perl got a new grill 
  12th grade car 427-2 4s-4 speed Year 1966 
  Did the chooper thing, and lived 
  My BIG truck 
  I have landed in a few wrong places, and lived 
  Getting ready to beat up this big guy, at work 
  Perl on the NEG side 
  I drive this when I'm trying to hide! 
  Just Hanging Out 
  Candy is cooling it 
  Perl in the grass 
  Cooling It 
  The "R" light 
  The "Kat" light 
  The rainbow shot 
  The river trip 
  I couldn't let Perl have all the fun 
  Got to have a 4x4 
  The start of a new one 
  The Peddle Car 
  One more in the bunch now 
  The Toy Box #1 
  Toy Box #2 
  This is a good shot of her 
  Hope you like the pictures,,Piddler 
  A white day to get out 
  Candy wanted to play also 
  The Kats are out 
  Perl always owns the road 
  Another toy for the box 
  Did a few improvements 
  My other scooter 
  3 in 1 
  Another Toy 
  Paint Job  
  A little long for the rack 
  Little trip last weekend 
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