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Turkey Rod Run
Another fine Thansgiving weekend event in beautiful Daytona Beach, FL. Thnaks all who made the weekend happen and those who attended. Looking forward to next year.
Jim Warner's Orangepeeler. Notice that Jim was sitting for such a long period of time that waiting for the traffic to stop for the photo that the sea oats have started growing out his head! Let me tell you that we really stopped the traffic on A1A Saturday when we took these pics.
Kendra's Rainy Day Kat in the Sun
Jay and Nancy's Yeller Kat at the beach
The group at the track on Friday. Great weather and a fun time
Wally's Kat at the beach photo shoot
The group getting ready for the run to the Saturday night dinner in Flager Beach at the Shark House on the beach
Saturday Dinner Shot. Larr ya and Lori and their daughter and her daughter's boyfriend
Saturday Dinner Shot. Jim and Denise, Jim and Joi, Jay and Nancy and Tom and Linda
Saturday Dinner Shot. Newcomers Rex and Dorothy and Terry and Germaine
Saturday Dinner Shot. Mark and Patty, Gary and Newcomers Jeff and Debbie and of course Kendra
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