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Patrice De Bruyne
Hello Prowler'fans I have just sold (May 2005) my 1999 Prowler and buy one 2001 blue Prowler hard-top with only 703 miles !!! I present different pictures of my car's private collection in Europe (Bruxelles)... Friendly yours, Patrice.

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  1970 Ford GT-40 by GTD (England). V-8 Ford 427ci. 4 speed manual gearbox.  
  1995 Bugatti De La Chapelle. V-8 Buick/Rover 3L5. 5 speed manual gearbox. 
  1988 Cobra 427 s/c. Châssis Reynaert. Body by Ram (England). V-8 427ci. 4 speed manual Gearbox. 
  1964 Corvette Sting Ray Roadster. V-8 327ci. Rare 4 speed manual gearbox. 
  1972 ISO Rivolta LeLe. V-8 Ford 350ci. Automatic Gearbox. 
  1964 VW Beetle Pick-up Cabrio. Flat four 2000cc. One-off. 
  1949 DE SOTO LTD Custom Convertible. 6cyl in line. 300ci. 3 speed semi automatic. 
  1992 Buick Riviera Coupe. One-off. V-6 Buick. Automatic gearbox. 
  1966 Excalibur 35X. Very very rare, only 27 built by Michelotti/Torino/Italia for Excalibur/Wisconsin. 6cyl in line Opel Commodore. 3000cc. 4 speed manual gearbox. 
  1966 Excalibur Series I Roadster. V-8 327ci with Paxton Blower. 550bhp. Automatic gearbox. This is the only Series I roadster equipted with flares spares wheels 
  1969 Excalibur Series I Roadster. V-8 327ci. Automatic-Hurst gearbox. Only 57 miles !!!!  
  1972 Excalibur Series II Phaeton. V-8 454ci. Automatic gearbox. Fully frame-off restoration 4 years ago. 
  1974 Excalibur Series III Phaeton. V-8 454ci. Automatic gearbox. Special factory soft-top and one pièce side-curtains. Magnificent. Few mileage. 
  First large view of my Excalibur private collection. 
  Second large view of my private collection 
  1999 Prowler 
  1999 Prowler and 1988 Corvette 35th anniversary (only 16000 miles) 
  South of France Home 
  Prowler 2001 01 
  Prowler 2001 02 
  Prowler 2001 03 
  Prowler 2001 04 
  Prowler 2001 05 
  Prowler 2001 06 
  Prowler 2001 07 
  Prowler 2001 08 
  Prowler 2001 09 
  Prowler 2001 10 
  Prowler 2001 12 
  Prowler 2001 13 
  Prowler 2001 14 
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