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"ZACK" Goodman
I purchased my 1999 Black Prowler from a classified add in the Detroit newspaper. I found the add online the day it was published. It read "99 Prowler 4,500 miles $29,995". The owner was a 70 year old man that was having trouble getting in and out of it. He bought it new in '99 for $6,000 OVER sticker. I talked him down enough that I knew I was getting it for a great price. With the help of several POA members from OKC, Minnisota and the Detroit area, I had the car looked over, purchased, picked up and detailed. On August 19th, 2004 I flew to Detroit, picked up my car and attended the 10th annual Woodward Dream Cruise. I made numerous new friends, toured several car exhibits, visited the assembly plant and did lots of crusing on Woodward. I headed home on Sundaay and drove 1,100 miles in a day and 1/2 to arrive in Okc with my new car........ I was still smiling as big as I am in this picture!
When we arrived to pick up my car at the detail shop there were about a dozen POA members there to congratulate me. I think they were as excited as I was. I bought it "sight unseen" and relied on my POA friends to describe its condition. They said it was neglected but not abused...but needed a good detail before I saw it. The folks at Classic Appreciation did an outstanding job. The car looked showroom new!
CJ & Bob Longstreth talked me into waiting 2 weeks after the purchase to pick up my car. This let my trip coincide with the Woodward Dream Cruise. So, I had the owner send me the title and I had the car registered in Oklahoma before I flew to pick it up. Since I'm proud of where I live (Home of the SOONERS!) I packed my OK tag and put it on before I did any crusing.
One of our stops was the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. There were about 60 POA members at the Woodward event. The museum allowed us to park in the entry plaza looked like our cars were part of the exhibit!
Another shot of our cars outside the Museum. Having so many Prowlers there was an excellent opportunity to see alot of the available mods, hear the different exhaust systems and learn from visiting with other owners. My car was stock when I bought it. Before I drove home I had added front mud flaps, a RealRod stabilizer bar and hinge protectors.
Updated picture from spring of 2005. I've had my Prowler for about 7 months now. I've added several mods to personalize it. They include...POA license plate frame, $12 front grill treatment, chrome headrest covers, painted bumpers, rear mini-rollpan, chrome shimmers on back bumper, stearing wheel and radio, chrome shifter bezel, clear lenses on rear bumpers, chrome deck lid protector, and removed sun visors. Less visible mods include hinge protectors and Real Rod's stabilizer bar.
Interior shot showing chrome mods listed above. I plan to add the larger chrome tachometer soon. My wheels are being re-plated and should be back soon. I'd like to chrome the front end parts to finish out the look.
Near Devil's Lake during the Wisconsin Dells trip in July 2005
Another shot from Wisconsin Dells area. Note TGF spoiler, chrome transmission cover and trailer hitch added.
As you can see...I enjoy photography. Here's a shot I took using a couple of local models. If you are interested in a copy send me an e-mail and I'll get you detail. This is a high quality image and can be printed up to 24x36 poster size.
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