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Trans Temp Guage Gary Knepper
Transmission Temp Guage Install
Aluminum blocks are cut to relocate tach to the right and to mount temp guage.
The black guage can is stock AutoMeter from Pep Boy's. The band was painted with a dull aluminum finish and clearcoated. Then I rubbed out with polishung compund to get the same gloss as the tach band.
Looks like it belongs there.
I cut the bend out with a tubing cutter. You will lose some fluid here so have a quart on hand. Make the cut closest to the transmission first then the other cut will be with the line hanging down and easeir to access.
Fittings were brass 1/4" npt 'tee', two 1/4" npt X 3/8" compression adaptors and one 1/4"npt X 1/8"npt reducing bushing. I painted dull aluminum to make it blend in. I still have to touch it up.
This is the peice of tubing cut out.
You will have to remove this clamp as the line will be slightly shorter. I'm working on a better clamp to put back on. If you wire tie it put a piece of rubber under the tubing to keep it from rubbing the bracket.
Conceal the sending unit wire in 1/4" wire loom and tape to existing loom for a factory look.
Temp after 1/2 hour ride. The sucker runs pretty warm! This was at 68 degrees outside temp without a tranny cover. Check back for updates as it gets warmer outside.
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