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Myrtle Beach Bike Week
I had a business meeting/golf outing at Myrtle beach last week. This event is planned to be held each year during the Carolinas Harley Dealers Rally. I took care of business Wed. & Thur and my family came down on Friday. Last year many of you said you enjoyed photos I took of some of the bikes, so I thought I'd show some pixs in this scrapbook format.
Orange County Choppers of "American Choppers" fame leased out a nightclub and partnered with the adjacent Planet Hollywood for the 9 days. This is the POW bike.
The detail in the fabrication of this bike is unreal, as this rear fender shows.
Sorry for the lighting, but this pix is of Big Paul & Paulie autographing OCC clothing. There was a 3 hour wait in 90 degree heat to get to them. (I met some of their guys and they let me in a side entrance)
This is the Fireman bike. Again sorry for the lighting. Pictures do not do these bikes justice. Due to the bad lighting I won't post anymore inside pixs, but inside the nightclub were the Fireman bike, Mikey's Blues bike, the Statue of Liberty bike, the Dixie Choppers bike (has a mower motor) and a bike they built to unveil that night.
Outside again. This is the Spider bike. I wish I had zoomed in for a closeup, because the amount of detail on these machines is incredible!
The Christmas bike.
This is the Apache helicopter bike that was unveiled last year at this same event. Behind the bike is my best friend, my 12 year old son, Logan. Logan and I have a ritual of watching Monster Garage and American Chopper every Monday night, so he was pumped when we told him his reward for making the honor roll was this trip and to witness the unveiling of the new bike. I got the tickets and we got in line at 7:30 pm and waited patiently for the doors to open at 9:00. We were #s 11 & 12 in line. When we got inside the doors they were checking IDs and wouldn't let Logan in because he was under 18. They were serving beer & booze with no food service, so due to SC law all attendees had to be at least 18. He was crushed!!! He asked could we just leave and go for a cruise in the Prowler. We did and an idea struck me to cruise Ocean Blvd. Ocean Blvd. runs along the beach at the boardwalk past motels, bars and extends several blocks past some ultra expensive homes. When we got to OB people were packed in 4 to 8 deep on the sidewalks and the motel balconies were packed watching all the bike and car cruisers. Beads were being tossed to the ladies, etc. Logan gave out matchbox Prowlers one by one to the little kids and each time he did cheers would go up and guys would throw beads at him. He said the cruising Ocean Blvd. was the best time he had ever had in his life and it sure ranks up there with me too!
This bike and many of the next few were for sale by various custom builders.
This is a Boss Hoss bike with a V8 engine.
Another Boss Hoss.
Two bikes in the parking lot.
Nice orange.
This line of bikes and those in the next 8 pics were for sale by American Ironhorse Choppers out of Ft. Worth. The prices ranged from $32,000 to $48,000.
Ironhorse bikes.
This one sold for $34,500.
Nice overlapping flames on the white and nice ghost flames on the blue.
Unusual color combo.
Look at the detail in this paint job.
A different builder on this old school bike.
This bike is owned by Lucas Oil and matches their 18 wheel transporter and one of their race cars.
Heck of a paint job!
Logan and a blue flamed beauty.
Another awesome paint job. Fenders were cool too.
John Deere bike. Not a display or anything. A private owner. Parked in huge lot in front of Hard Rock.
It also had a yellow hog painted on side of the tank. You can see it on the previous photo.
Beautiful classic bike.
A Corvette Boss Hoss trike.
Another Boss Hog bike. It was for sale for $44,000.
Boss Hoss '57 Chevy trike.
Boss Hoss Z71 Chevy pick-up trike.
I don't know what they called this thing and the blue one in the next pic. Looks like a Praying Mantis to me!
The blue one.
This had a Honda engine and was at the Honda display. Looked alot better in person than in this pic.
Unusual paint scheme.
Ford SuperTruck.
$52,000 was the price on this one.
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