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Kurtis K.
Kurtis K.'s Red 1999

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  I purchased my car from the original owner in September 2003 with 6,100 miles. 
  Has a more beautiful automobile than the Prowler ever been built? 
  I have inexpensive 1/4" spacers on the rear rims to push them out to the corners a bit further. These are also much lighter than the bolt-on spacers...and no rubbing. 
  Can you see the guage rings done with chrome door edge trim? Thanks to Pumpkin for the tip.  
  I switched from Goodyear Run-flats to Goodyear RS-A's. MUCH improved ride!  
  The fronts are narrower 205/50-17's. Car tracks much better on uneven pavement with the skinnier footprint...and they are light. 
  Front bumper removal was the first mod. If anyone has Tom Mills covers they want to sell, let me know. 
  I think the rear bumpers will be removed as well. The Real Rod Roadster Rear Pan would make a nice Christmas present. 
  Front grill with the chrome trim treatment. Niiiiiice. 
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