Prowler Owners Association ScrapBook
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Bob Goetz
Since my web site is not current here are some of the parts not shown on all parts shown are available from Real Rod our number is 952-873-6626.
Heres Santa ready to bring new parts to all the good Prowler owners!
Here is Craig Elders car with our Front Body Protectors in chrome, TGF Engine Side Panels and TGF front bumper kit.
Here are a few pics of Craigs car with our Chrome Rear bumpers and new rear pan.
TGF Door Panel insert with Liquid Flames
T-Handle Shifter
Here are few pics of my car, American Racing Wheels, Ram Air Side panels, TGF Body Flair kit, New Headlight Kit and New Alumicraft Grill, Air Patrol, Chrome rear bumpers & pan kit and Front Body protectors cut down and chromed with plate bracket.
Here are a few pics of my dads second car with TGF Grill, Real Rod Aero Covers, Real Rod Smoothy Rear Pan all molded into the body.
Pat & Norms Kat with our Roadster rear pan and trans cover.
The Weekender installed on Brin King, Ed Pettit & Trey Byrum Kats.
Rudy Limons Kat with TGF Hardtop, Spoiler & Engine side panels. THe Rear pan is from Prowler Products by Gary.
TGF Howler Package, Hard Top, Engine Side Panels,Grill, Rear Spoiler, Rocker Flair Kit, Rear Pan, Front Spoiler, Bumper hole covers.
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