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"Hot Bras By Kal" Posted by Laddie Roussel
Hot Bras By Kal Custom painted Mopar Bras... Kal started the painting on Apr. 8th. He used my Red Prowler as the "plug" to paint all seven Bras (six new & one mods to an earlier Bra he had done). He could have done two more, but all the Mopar Bras were sold out. This is quite a process. After a couple of days of taping and covering the Prowler with some "slime", he began painting the first Bra. These all start out as the plain Black Mopar Bra. There were two p/ns 1) had the Plymouth logo on hood & the 2) has the word Prowler & the Kat logo on the hood piece. He started on Tony's for a Black Prowler & it was a graphic design. he than did Marc's another graphic design for a Purple Prowler. Than he did a Gothic Flame type (or Tribal ) design for Larry's Yellow Kat. He than did the traditional Flames for Wayne's Candy Red Kat. Next, was the Stars & Stripes design for Jim E.'s Mulholland Blue Prowler... He than did a Stars & Stripes design for my Yellow Kat... He finished by adding some graphics to Al's original Bra done by Kal about 1&1/2 years ago... The other pics show Kal & some of the work that goes into painting these Mopar Bras... There's several applications of paint, laying out the design, taping the areas to be painted, tracing over the design & applying that pattern to the other side, taping over the first painted areas so the other colors can be applied to the design, some air brushing, more taping & finally some hand pin striping to finish the Hot Bras By Kal... Kal is quite an artist & craftsman.... I was there most of the time over the three week period while Kal was completing the Bras.... It was a nice learning experience for me.... And, I appreciate Kal letting me hang around taking pictures which I shared with all the group on a regular basis during the project. Kal did my original Bra which I've had for 2 &1/2 years & about 14,000 miles... The Bra has held up very well & still looks good. No problem with paint under the Bra. Whenever the Bra gets wet, I always take if off the Prowler to dry... Here's some of the pics of the "Hot Bras By Kal"... laddie...

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  Four of the Hot Bras By Kal (Top hood piece only) 
  Kal tapes out the design on one side. Than he traces it onto some paper (making a pattern) & applies it to the other side 
  A lot of tape is used. Here, Kal is peeling back some tape. Than he re-tapes to paint the other colors or design.  
  Some tape over the color which matches the Prowler Candy Red. Now the flame color will be painted. 
  Kal applying the pin stripe. 
  Kal applying some spray paint.  
  More pin striping on another Bra. 
  Some air brushing... 
  This could become the "Spiderman Prowler"... 
  Jim E.'s Stars & Stripes. The light Blue pin stripe matches the Mulholland light Blue pin stripe.  
  Kal's signature on each Bra... 
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