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Trey Byrum Custom Mods!!!
This is my page of updated performance and custom mods! Thanks everyone for the great ideas! The Kat shimmers as I make my way through the streets!!!!
This was my first mod!! A place to store my New Kat. Drop some rocks, tie her down, cover with a car cover it works great. Added a light. Beats, wind, snow and rain and cost about $100 from Costco!!
Can you believe this! Based on the feedback of my Prowler friends online, I decided to spice up the the grill with a $8 mod. Believe me it looks great and took less than 15 mins to install. You can pick up this trim from your local Pep Boys shop!! I like the 2 tone effect(Red on chrome)!
Chrome grill shot from the side!!
Ok here is where it gets fun!! On the back I added a chrome Trans cooler cover, chrome Plymouth prowler shimmers (on the bumpers), Shine Shine Baby!!! a vanity plate (TREY B) thats me, Back mud flaps, Chrome licence plate frame, and best of all the Mopar Borla Exhaust!!!
Here's pict of the Mopar borla exhaust tips!! The new pipes sounds great. Also there is a laser etched Prowler logo on both sids! Look out city streets! Now people can hear you more before you come and then they see you!! Like we don't need any more attenchion in a Prowler!! Vroom Vroom Baby!!
Last but not least the mud flaps!! Now I was a bit worried about these at first and tearing up the wheel frame. The flaps come down low so it can scrape on pots holes and curbs! After talking with many owners, one of the design engineers and the guys in the plant, I would say its a must have to protect the paint on your car from debris!! Tips: I cut off 1 inch on bottom of each. You can see it now clears my curb with no problems! Also I cut 3 strips from the top of the flap to the bolts before installing!! So if I get stuck in a pot hole the pressure would strip the flaps off before tearing up my wheel frame! Thanks for the great tips POA!!!!
In the end you have another real happy Prowler owner!! I love this Car!!!!
Added a custom Suspension bar! Helps the ride and support
Now its time for some interior work! How about alittle Red accent to the Dash along with adding a Chrome shift bezel and Chrome shift knob!!
Lets Brighten up that dull grayish / black interior! Ahh the TGF Door side panels should Do!!
side Door Panel added!!
Lets not forget the Carlini Headrest covers!! Looks great in Chrome!! A final shot of the finished interior!
This weekender is the best investment I made. It is so useful for almost everything. It's great, easy to instal and can be so helpful for giving you extra storage space. From shopping trips, to overnight stays this is the thing to have
It opens to give you access to the trunk area! Looks cool too!
Chrome that trailer hitch for much more glitter in your tail area than the stock black. Looks great both on and off with the Prowler chrome hitch plug!
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