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Ted (SunBird) Brunell
Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Goldie!

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  You've seen this pose before. This time it's in pure Inca Gold! 
  Goldie's rear end. Oops, now I've made her blush! 
  The other side of the story. 
  Bug eyed and ready to attack!! 
  2832 pounds of pure gold! 
  Bloodlines: Goldies Heritage 
  What every driveway should have!! 
  The cars of the 30s and 40s are represented here. 
  Plum Wine Woody 
  The business ends! 
  Now, Ain't that purdy? 
  Oh oh, Goldie's topless!!! 
  I have no idea who that man is. Lookit - even the door jamb shines! 
  Doesn't she look long? 
  The essence of the classic hot rod. 
  More essence! 
  That's the Sierras in the background and the desert in the foreground. 
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