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Mike Gatlin
Prowler memorabilia collection. Also available an Oak framed slat wall display shelf. Includes adjustable shelves and hangers. Everthing that is packaged is unopened

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  #1 1998 Plymouth Prowler Mopar Muscle road Champs 1:43  
  #2 Revelle basic builder. Plymouth Prowler with trailer. 1:25 scale, molded in color 
  #3 Car and Driver Hottest diecast for the year 2000. Road Champs series, Aliens Prowler 1:43 scale 
  #4 Purple American Muscle "Bodyshop" Plymouth Prowler 1:18 diecast 
  #5 Racing Champions Nascar Country, Billy Dean Hot Country diecast 1:43 scale 
  #6 Anson collectible 1:18 black Prowler  
  #7 "Modifieds" 2 bay service center diarama. Bay area lights up. Cars included. 
  #8 Black 1:18 scale Prowler with convertible top (removable) Hood, doors and decklid all operate, very detailed. Specs on base with logo. No box. Never removed from base. 
  #9 Classis Metal Works, Kalifornia Kicks Swoop Coop by Thom Taylor. 1:24 scale purple If this isn't Prowler inspired, nothing is. 
  #10 Maisto "Show Stoppers" hot haulers and cool cars. Metal diecast replicas with trailer. 1:24 scale. Silver PT Cruiser pulling silver Prowler on 2 axle trailer 
  #11 AMT, ERTL Rides Magazine Custom Collection 1:25 scale Plymouth Prowler with trailer 
  #12 Maisto Plymouth Prowler Woodward, assembly line diecast 1:24 ColorShop edition doors and hood operational Made in 2001 
  #13 Motor Max, Chrysler Howler 1:18 scale diecast. Really cool deep blue/purple color 
  #14 Prowler mug from Conner Ave Prowler store. Logo and 2 Prowler images from 2001. Beautiful mug 
  #15 Maisto 1:24 PT Cruiser pulling Mulholland Prowler on twin axle trailer. no box 
  #16 AMT ERTL 1:25 scale Plymouth Prowler with trailer. Specs on box indicate 214 hp, iron block engine 
  #17 Road and Track Power Racer diecast and plastic. Red, Motorized pull back action 1:43 scale I believe  
  #14 Another picture of the 1 mug that is available 
  #18 Motor Max 1:24 scale diecast replica Howler. Deep blue/purple color  
  #19 Testors 1:32 scale Metal Body Model Kit. Yellow Plymouth Prowler  
  #20 12" x 16" "A tribute to the American Hot Rod metal sign 
  #21 Maisto Plymouth Prowler, Red with flames, assembly line diecast 1:24 ColorShop edition doors and hood operational. Made in 2000 
  #22 Johnny Lightning VIP "Pamela Anderson" diecast 
  #23 Matchbox Plymouth Prowler, black Mattel Wheels Open road series  
  #24 Yellow American Muscle "Bodyshop" Chrylser Prowler 1:18 diecast. Prepainted 
  #25 Laser cut Prowler Cat logo. 21 1/2" wide, 10" tall. 
  #26 Modifiers display. Turntable rotates car and overhead lights shine down on diecast. Car included 
  #27 Plymouth Prowler Black Tie 1:43 scale Testors "Metal Body Model Kit" 
  #28 Maisto 1:24 die cast, Special Edition 1997 Plymouth Prowler, Yellow  
  #29 Collection of 6 Superior heavy gauge diecast 1:24 scale Prowlers. Doors open and models have "pull back" action. Colors; Deep Candy Mulholland Red Dark green Purple Black  
  #29 Another picture of 6 diecast models. They are in their original box and vac formed trays. 
  #30 2-Maisto "Ultimate Marvel" diecast collection Chrysler Prowler "Rogue" with Marvel and Rogue graphics  
  #31 2-Maisto, Chrysler Prowlers 
  #32 Maisto 1:39 Black Prowler 
  #33 Racing Champions Mint 50 fastest muscle cars. 1997 purple Prowler  
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