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DFW, POA Group at Texas Motor Speedway
David with the POA gang in Victory Lane at Texas Motor Speedway to support speedyway children&s charities.
David in the Pit
JJ in the Pit
Kelly in the Pit
Debbie in the Pit
Tim in the Pit
Bob in the Pit
And now for some fun! The deal was $25 for 3 laps 16 cars at a time with 2 pace cars and trucks I did it 2 times they said no faster than 70 and no passing NOT!!!!! we got up to 110 it was GREAT !!!
We ended up with 7 Prowlers and one Viper, the same group as last week. There were lots of Mustangs and Cobras and Ferraris.
All good things must come to an end!
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