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Smokies Event Oct 2014
What a GREAT time! Thanks so much to Ed and Sandy Monahan, Gary and Cindy Keefe, WallyGator, Larry and Sue Mayes, and everyone else that played a role in making this event happen. The colors were gorgeous, the cruises spectacular, and the people FANTASTIC! Other pictures have been posted with the people, these are mainly a few of the scenery and cars. Thanks again to all that made it happen. dru
Don't feed the squirrels!
Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC
On Thursday, same route as on Monday's Tail of the Dragon with clouds at lower elevations. I was planning on going back and putting captions on some more of the pictures. But with the hic-cup on the site, will not allow me to go back and edit.
Fontana Dam
A couple of pictures in Pigeon Forge. It was nothing like I was expecting.
Thanks again to Ed, Gary, Wally, and Larry. It was so much fun. And finally, thanks to my brother Greg for going along.
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