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Prowlin The Smokies 2014
. . While at the Smokies event on October 27, 2014 we drove the Tail of The Dragon which is 11 miles long and has 318 turns. Photographers along the way take pictures as cars go by so I went online and downloaded some of my Black 1999 Prowler, the fastest color.
Taken at the Smokies Event Oct. 27, 2014 while doing the Tail of The Dragon
Professional photographers are stationed along the route taking pictures for sale you can buy from the internet so I did.
This road is 11 miles long and has 318 turns.
These pictures do not do the crooked roads justic, they are very steep and one turn leads into the next.
I bought pictures from 3 different photographers and there were many more than I posted here.
There is a chain hanging from my mirror with a cross on it, notice on some pictures it is hanging anything but straight.
Gene and Dixie were right behind me and Dixie was driving, she does pretty good. On Wednesday night we had a surprise birthday part for Dixie and she received the covenanted armadillo award as a surprise.
I had a yellow in front of me, they are the slowest color. They kept hitting their brakes and interrupted my texting while doing the Dragon.
This is the final picture again showing how crooked the roads are. Some people had a problem with car sickness because of all the twisting and turning.
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