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NorCal... Marie Calendars – Jelly Belly - Brunch and Cruise
This impromptu brunch and cruise gathered 9 Prowlers. We had 3 Blacks, 2 Yellow, 2 Orange, 1 Black Tie, and 1 Blue Prowler that attended. We also had a black Vette. (Pictures courtesy of Phil & Jane Horvath)
Group trying to decide what to have for Breakfast
Right to left – Cindy Watson, Mean Gene and his wife, Curt and Kathy Blockhous, Bill and Julie McDonald
Outside Marie Calendars getting ready to head over to the Jelly Belly Factory
Scott Curtis, Black 99; Mean Jean’s 2001 Orange; Glenn Denne 1999 Yellow; Curt Blockhus 99 Black; Jim Clayton’s 2001 Orange; Harry Sands 1999 Yellow; Kevin Watson’s 2000 Black, Windell Chute’s 2001 Black Tie, and Jane Horvath’s 2001 Blue
Group Photo at the Jelly Belly West Entrance
Ronald Regan Portrait made of jelly beans
A Jelly Belly VW
View of the visitor Center main entrance with the Prowlers
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