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Woodward Dream Cruise - Thursday, August 19, 2010
Thursday was a fun-filled day!! We cruised to the Motown Museum/Hitsville USA for an awesome tour. From there, we cruised down Woodward Avenue back to the hotel for some lunch. Later in the afternoon, we cruised to Harold & Sharlean Sullivan's beautiful home and garage. What an unbelievable place and what gracious hosts they were....but then they always have been to the Prowler owners. From there, we stopped briefly on Woodward to purchase some Dream Cruise souvenirs and over to the Walter P. Chrysler Museum for our Pizza dinner and Drive-In Movie Night. It was interrupted briefly by a severe storm that moved into the area. Two tornadoes touched down several miles North of us. We quickly moved the Prowlers to one of Chrysler's underground parking garages, with Bob shuttling everyone back to shelter in the Museum. We had our Pizza dinner in the Museum, toured the Museum and gift store. Rockin' Ronnie arrived to set up the movie screen and we enjoyed watching the movie "The California Kid" sitting in our Prowlers! What a day!!!

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  At Hitsville USA - Back Row: Tom Mills, Gad Gartner, Tom Gulyas, Jerry Naumann - Middle Row: Carol Weischler, Sue Mills, Bob Longstreth, Aaron (Our Guide), Pam Gulyas, Bill Somers - Front Row: Joe DeRosa, Melinda Jones, CJ, Lyann Somers  
  Motown Museum - Detroit, MI  
  The Historic marker for the Motown Museum / Hitsville USA 
  Hitsville USA and the famous Studio A where all the Motown music was recorded. Groups like the Temptations, The Four Tops, The Supremes, Little Stevie Wonder, etc.  
  Memorabilia in Harold Sullivan's garage  
  Harold is able to park about 6 vehicles from his awesome Mopar Collection. He says he rotates them occasionally.  
  Harold Sullivan giving us a tour of his new garage. Awesome!!! 
  Lots of great neon, gas pumps and memorabilia.  
  The panels in the display cases were custom and reflects the brands of the cars that Harold has in his collection.  
  Part of the hand painted mural on the back wall of the garage featuring Harold's famous 1970 GTX The Silver Bullet. 
  Beautiful custom display cases to hold all of his memorabilia.  
  Memorabilia including Larry Mayes (Wildcat) custom Prowler by Johnny Lightning.  
  This room is above the garage. It was my favorite room in the house. Unbelievable!!  
  The detail in this room is incredible, especially the ceiling!!!  
  All the ceiling panels reflected all the Chrysler/MOPAR logos and brands. Just spectacular!!!  
  Another gas pump and more memorabilia and diecast cars. 
  A sample of the custom panels.  
  A section of the hand painted mural on the back wall of the garage.  
  More of the mural which is a reflection of Woodward back in the late 60's and early 70's when we cruise on Woodward as teenagers. 
  It took the artist a year to complete this mural.  
  Parking in the courtyard in front of the house.  
  A view of the entire mural. 
  Sharlean provided some awesome refreshments for the owners. Left to right: Norm Udell, Pam Gulyas, Tom Gulyas, David Veu Casovic, Sue Mills, Sue Udell  
  Owners enjoying the Sullivan's hospitality. Left to Right: Pat Pircer, Jill Elsasser, Karen Gatlin, Ed Weischler, Carol Weischler, Bill Somers  
  Left to Right: Melinda Jones, Lyann Somers, Anna Chisa, Dennis Pircer  
  Lots of beautiful Prowlers to compliment a beautiful home!!!  
  More Prowlers in front of Harold's garage!  
  Left to Right: Dennis Pircer, Debbie Neill, Jill Elsasser, Sharlean Sullivan (Harold's wife and our hostess), Harve Disner, Ed Weischler, Carol Weischler  
  Left to Right: Harold Sullivan, Bob Longstreth & Ed Weischler downstairs in the "man cave".  
  Prowlers everywhere!!!  
  Harold and Sharlean Sullivan's home  
  In the evening, the Prowler owners gathered at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum for the Prowler Drive-In Movie Night. An inflatable screen was set up on the lawn in front of the Museum and we parked the cars like at the drive-in. We watched the movie "The California Kid". It was a beautiful night for it and we had a blast!  
  It was fun to sit in the cats and watch the movies. Some chose to sit in their chairs! We had popcorn and candy!!!  
  Movie goers enjoying the night.  
  Pam and Tom Gulyas & Tom and Sue Mills enjoying the movie!!!  
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