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Napa and Calistoga Cruise
One of the most beautiful areas in northern California is Napa Valley and the town of Calistoga. We made many stops and enjoyed the view. I wish you were there. Here is a picture of us gathering before we set off for the cruise. Thanks to Karen for her photo contributions.
A beautiful ride filled with new and colorful leaves of spring and the fresh air of the rolling hills of northern California. Hey, what's that truck doing back there?
Come on, keep up!
Napa Valley is littered with rolling hills, easy curves and plenty of shade.
We encountered lots of bicyclists and those other cruisers from the Corvette and Ferrari group. We all know that the Prowler is the real head-turner.
We stopped at Lake Hennessey to stretch our legs and take in the scenic view.
What's this! Do my eyes deceive me? Could that be a Prowler emerging from the lake?
I was right. This car can do everything! (But, don't try it at home :-O)
Even more emerge. Uh, which way is it to San Jose?
Enough with swimming. It's time for a little lunch in Calistoga. Rich, lead the way, but wait for the rest of us!
After a little lunch, the ladies have some fun at one of the local shops. Say CHEEEEEEESE!
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