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Valentine Cruise to Fairfield, California
We gathered at the Budweiser plant in Fairfield. It was a little cloudy but the day turned beautiful. Thanks to Karen for her photo contributions.
About 9 Prowlers gathered. We were excited about getting our thirst quenched.
We visited the brewery on a Saturday - a day in which they usually conduct maintenance. So it was quiet and we had the luxury of being guided at our leisure. It is amazing how many bottles the brewery processes a day. Fairfield is one of their fastest plants.
I believe this is ash wood - used to give flavor and act as a filtration.
Rows and rows of large fermenting tanks. They are stacked three or four tanks high. That's a lot of beer!
Just down the street we cruised to the Jelly Belly store, eatery and factory. Our colorful Prowlers fit right in with the decor.
Help!!!!! There's a giant Jelly Belly in my car!
We generated a lot of excitement. What a great match - colorful Jelly Bellys and colorful Prowlers. Lots of visitors were present and they enjoyed the cars.
All of our toys are colorful; some more than others making each of our cars unique. I don't think there is one car identical to another.
We enjoyed lunch at the Jelly Belly; some participated in a tour and others delighted in the excitement and smiles of the on-lookers.
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