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Mt Diablo Callifornia
We meet at the home of Ben and Anne. Thank you so much for hosting. We enjoyed coffee, juice, breakfast and wonderful conversation before we tackled the big mountain. Thanks to Karen for her photo contributions.
As usual, El is keeping us in laughter and getting things organized for the cruise.
We had about 11 Prowlers ready to tackle the big mountain. What a colorful row of fun toys.
Off we go. It started off a little cool but it warmed up to be a beautiful day.
At the top we finally arrived.
All our little toys are in a row.
It was a busy day at the top of the mountain. Lots of joggers, bicyclists and visitors of the scenic view. Of course we were a huge crowd pleaser.
Nature can not get any better than this. What a view!
What beautiful spring colors.
The observation tower presented a great advantage point for a spectacular view.
Well, it's time for us to leave. We could not have asked for a better day and the opportunity to see one of the more scenic views of northern California.
Of course there is no better place to relax from a stressful cruise than your local watering hole. Here is where we enjoyed each other's company and ate some good food before we departed for home.
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