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Folsom Breakout
Folsom Breakout July 20-22, 2001 This year we had 6 Prowlers that attended the show. The Folsom Breakout always has excellent cars that participate and this year was no exception. (Courtesy of Phil and Jane Horvath)
“The Rose”, chopped 51 Merc being auctioned off for cancer research after 18 month Tour. Current bid is $550,000.00 from someone in Texas.
Additional information on “The Rose”
Interior view of “The Rose”
’51 Chevy Cabriolet
’53 Kaiser
Scott Curtis Prowler Information Station
Another view of the Prowler Information Station
View of some of the Cat’s – Look closely and is that a real Woody PT?
Shirley and Wendell’s Black Tie, Jane and Phil’s Blue, Jim Clayton’s Orange, and Charlotte and Scott’s Black
Some sharp looking rods
Now here you go
More cool rods
The ’51 Chevy Cabriolet and it’s tear drop trailer
Nice Ford
’49 Ford
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