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(1)Mullholland Edition Prowler,(1) 70 LB Pig, Lots of Friends=One Great Luau!
One Very Sunny Day during the Month of August My Hawaiian wife and I hosted a Luau for close friends. There's only one rule that we enforce and thats "EVERYONE HAS FUN!!!" Its amazing what alot of food,friends,fun and one fully stocked bar can really do!
Flags Flying! (American,Philadelphia Eagles Team Flag,Hawaii State Flag)
A nice sunny day @ the Homestead.
Fire Pit Set!
Erica brings out Charlie's Head.
Time to place him in the Roaster!
Everybody say Hi!!!
On the Roaster! Now we all have to figure out how to kill 5hrs! How much beer did you say we have??
The Lovely Ladies!
The Guys!
The Star of the Party Makes an appearance!
Lyka Models for (H.I.N)Hot Import Nights and "Night Shift" Automotive. She also models my ROD on her Circuit.
Lyka in another pose.
Lyka in another pose.
Ready for a "Wipe Down".
Old Navy Buddies!
Mario and Alla (Newly Weds).
The Gang Socializing.
Wifey and Erica.
Did i mention that we had (2) Birthday Girls celebrating?
Bea and Mark having a good time.
Looks like our Pig is ready!
Mark does the Carving!
Mario doing his impression of a "Bear".
Wifey loves her Coke zero, Chis is just having fun!
Prowler remains the star of the show.
Wifey goofin off. its just plain silly time.
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