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Prowlin the Beach- Virginia Beach
Chicken's on the prowl
Prowlers gettin some wine
Arrival at Oceana Naval Base
Gotta Pose
Nick squared+Mike+pilot
As per Mom, he's been wearing helmets ever since he was a little kid
Prowlin through the base
The caboose is a good job. I usually get to drive a different prowler every trip, even if it is only 1 block.
Prowlers on the Boardwalk
"Ed Monahan" calling in an air strike after a biting incident
Gotta show the newly magnetized "Support Vehicle"
USA taking over before the Canadian Beach invasion
cool mural on 21st street
Stop at battle field
"Sir Real" and Betty Ann Parasailing
Another cool flyover at the beach
The Ramada View
At the Nauticus Museum
So that's how Wild Bill stayed cool
Now that's a Magic Bullet
I like the "One way" sign
Prowlers at Rockefellers
Will the Real Ed Monahan please stand up?
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