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Woodward 2007 another view
Just some shots from Woodward 2007... what a great time! If anyone wants one of these pix in the original larger file size, let me know via pm. Right click on the pic, identify it by 'properties' and let me know. :)
Doesn't get any better than this!
Mr. Cox - naaaaaaaah that's MeanGene!
A peek at the new Challenger!
Even McDonald's gets it!
5.7 liter Hemi put to good use!
Beautiful blue and others parked on 13MR.
Coupla great Texans :)
Ducky practicing his driving skills
From the Ford museum display
Where it of the first few 300s
it's gotta be's yellow!
Anybody know what this is?
A REAL Beaut!
Some shots in the parking lot
Couple of real beauties :)
and three others.... (fill in your favorite adjective here!)
Just thought I'd sneak this one in to see if you were paying attention!
Chrysler HQ parking lot shots
It's totally stock
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