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Colorado to Tulsa Event / June 2007 - Chromer's Photos
Many of the Colorado Prowler Club met up and drove to Tulsa for the Tulsarama in June 2007. Enjoy the photo essay of our adventure (especially my Colorado compadres)..
Leaving Garage 3am Thursday June 14th, 2007
Colorado Prowlers meet up at Watkins East of Denver and leave for Tulsa at 4:30am June 14th
OneCatNoDogs Trainer: "Super Susan" at dawn on the road to Tulsa..
ColoradoRoy going by..
Sure..the Prowler Pro Headers, Gears and the 12" Glass Packs are COOL in town..but at 80 MPH..even Jack went for hearing protection..
Six Colorado Prowlers on the Road to Tulsa...
"Renegade Russell" going by..He's from South Africa..but I swear he sounds like OZZY OSBORNE??
WOW!!..we're THIRSTY an deserve a beverage after arriving at the Hotel in less than 12 hours..
MakesSenseMarjorie and the Colorado Club enjoy the first night in Tulsa in the the Hotel Attrium.. They let us bring in our own beverages and food if we promised to "keep it down"..(we didn't)..
Jack REALLY LIKED ColoradoRoy...
To our appeared to be a "wet clean-up"..(what a MAN..Jack is neutered and 9.5 years old!!)
OUR co-prez OneCatNoDog making a parking lot check prior to nighty night..
Our Hotel room suited Jack just fine..(thanks ZACK and Kelly for insisting on a pet friendly hotel!!!)
View from room Balcony in the morning looked "damp" for cruise to Plymouth unearthing..
Driver Directions to Civic Center.. Umbrellas and rain Ponchos were sold out..
Made it to the parking garage near the
Made it inside the auditorium simucast of
After unearthing..Super Susan decides she wants a "Cooking Channel" super deluxe hamburger from "Eskimo Joe's" in Stillwater Oklahoma..SOOoooo..we go to Stillwater...(Rick and Terry join the colorado group)..
Colorado Group barely makes it to the "unveiling" of the Ms.RustBucket..(thanks to Chromer)..
DownToEarthDeb and the "Rock Cafe" marquee along Route 66..
Colorado Group "Takes Over" Rock Cafe...
Carl Spike and Family toast to Colorado Group, Family and friends at the Rock Cafe..
"Nostalgic Gas Station" point of interest along routte 66..
Ride back from highway 66 Near Oklahoma City to Hotel..
Jack gets overheated (ice in card board box) on return trip to Tulsa Hotel..
OneCatNoDog and SuperSusan at Nostalgic gas staion on route 66..
Charity raffle ticket event..Dusk..Tulsa Oklahoma
Colorado Prowler Club and Guests..informal Prowler Dinner Party...
RenegadeRussell and AC..
Jack makes new "friends"..(or is that ColoradoRoy again?)
CountOnCathy and Jack..
What a marvelous night for a moon dance..
Sunday June 17th..AC gets up early to Send Off Colorado Group..
BINGE DRINK Red Bulls for the 12 hour pull back to Denver..Thanks CaptainCOMPASS!! (Grant)
Carter hits "dead on" the "POT HOLE FROM HELL" in Tulsa and patches up the damage. The ONLY thing we can all say that we didn't like about Tulsa were the roads. The roads were absolutely the WORST I'VE EVER SEEN!!
Braums ice cream stop in Salina Kansas..
Hard to understand with those dam two-way radios..
RenegadeRussell's push back to Colorado..
Between Salina Kansas and Burlington Colorado..
Too much excitment..too much party..too much tired for Jack..almost home..
Colorado Prowler Group says goodbyes and thanks eachother for sharing the big Tulsa adventure. What a class act of folks...
Saying goodbye and end of run year book photo of Colorado Group Tulsa adventure. YOU (Carter-DowntoEarthDeb, ColoradoRoy ("the rattler")-FantasticFran, RenegadeRussell-CountOnCathy, CaptainCompass (Grant)-MakesSenseMarjorie, OneCatNoDog and SuperSusan are the finest people Jack and I have had the pleasure to associate with. THANK YOU!!
Once again..a sincere thanks from the Colorado Contingent for a TERRIFIC TIME in TULSA!! Prowler People (and Prowlers) ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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