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Wildwood NJ - East Coast Posse
15th Annual East Coast Boardwalk National Car Show May 10-13, 2007 Wildwood, New Jersey
Chow time!
JerseyJoe and Skullrodder lookin good. (Saturday at the show)
Showtime! (Saturday at the show)
Not quite sure what is going on here...but everyone is smiling. (After awards presentation Sunday)
DanMan sportin the new ECP flags. (Saturday at the show)
- The sign says it all. (Saturday leaving show)
Early Sunday morning. The ECP at the Park Lane in Wildwood, NJ (Before breakfast Sunday morning)
- From the deck of the Park Lane. (Before breakfast Sunday morning)
- Doin' the boardwalk!
- the One - Mr. Wild Bill!
Saturday morning at the Park Lane in Wildwood, NJ.
WildBill at Uncle Bill's. (After breakfast Sunday morning)
Skullrodder leaving the boardwalk. (Saturday leaving show)
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