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Crazy Horse 2001 - Laddie & Karen Roussel's Adventure
Karen & I had one Fantastic trip... This was our first visit to South Dakota and the scenery & sites are outstanding. It is a long ride to get there, but, once there it's well worth the trip... We traveled 4,130 miles on this trip (3,536 on Truck & 594 in Prowler). We stayed in Deadwood (40 miles west of Rapid City). We met many new friends & saw quite a few old friends we have met at other events. It was one tremendous time. Just not long enough ... We did get a little more sun tanned as the weather was unusually hot for this time of year & it was all top down Prowlin... There were a total of 47 Prowlers that joined us at some time during the week. There were four Prowlers from the local area. We had four couples & Prowlers from Canada & the rest from all over the U.S. (from Pa. to Ca.) We traveled the longest distance. But, the fact we trailered didn't count for the long distance award. We traveled up to Peoria on our 1st day to join the east coast Kat-a-van. It was here that we got our 1st look at the new 2002 Inca Gold Prowler. It looks good in sunlight. Not sure how this color will sell. On our way to Sioux City, we stopped by the Field of Dreams movie site in Dyersville, Iowa. The corn was not quite as tall as in the movie but we got out on the field & threw the ball around. On the 3rd day we stopped by the "Corn Palace" in Mitchell, SD. on way into Deadwood. On Tuesday, we took our 1st cruise to Badlands National Park. We traveled back east about 100 miles and stopped at Wall drugs (one entire block of drug store & tourist stop; nickle coffee & very good large cake donuts) & than onto Badlands. We had 19 Prowlers on this cruise. The badlands reminded us of a small Grand Canyon. There were lots of curving roads going through the rock formations. On the way back we traveled state Hwy. 44 back into Rapid City & into Deadwood. There are not many trees in this area. Only grass & open pastures. Wednesday morning we left out in the Prowlers for a tour through Spearfish Canyon & on to Sturgis, Ft. Mead museum & other areas on our way back to Deadwood for the 4th of July parade. We did two parades (Deadwood & Leads), a car display downtown Deadwood & than took a bus back to fireworks in Lead Wednesday night... A long day & very scenic cruise through Spearfish Canyons... This area is full of trees long hills & winding roads. Good cruising... On Thursday a group of us headed to Custer National Park and this was a fantastic cruise. Very hilly & winding roads, awesome rock formations & steep cliffs. We cruised through the wildlife area & saw the herds of buffalo & other animals... We than took the Iron Mt. Road up to Mt. Rushmore... This was one awesome road. Many of the curves were like the circle turns coming out a parking lot garage. My autostick got used more on this trip than the last two years... This was some cool one lane cruising. Perfect roads for Prowlin... Mt. Rushmore is an awesome site... The Monument & park area is a must see... Can you name the four Presidents on Mt. Rushmore. We than headed out to the Crazy Horse monument. Which is still in development. It will take many more years to complete. This is all being done by private donations & when finished will be just awesome. It's hard to imagine how huge this sculpture will be. Mt. Rushmore will actually fit inside the head of Crazy Horse. And, it will be a 3 dimensional sculpture. Another must see if you ever get the chance to visit this area of South Dakota. We had our group dinner at Crazy Horse & than took a 70 mile twilight cruise with 39 Prowlers in single file going back into Deadwood... We were in the back & what a sight to see all the Prowler tail lights going up & down the hilly roads.. Looked like a synchronized snake. Quite a site... Friday morning we said our good byes until next time and headed back for Louisiana. We stopped in Murdo, SD & toured the Pioneer museum on our way to Sioux City for the night & than onto Branson, Mo. for 2nd night. Once we got to Branson, I unloaded the Prowler & Karen & I took a little cruise around Branson & around Table Rock Lake. We stopped & had dinner at a restaurant on the lake & watched the sunset... A beautiful site.... Another highly recommended cruise through the Ozarks & around the lake if you are ever in the Branson area.... Well, here's some pics (of the 160 I took). It's a long way to drive, but, if you ever get the chance it's well worth the trip... It was spectacular... laddie...

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  Group shot of 39 Prowlers at Crazy Horse Memorial 
  2002 Inca Gold Prowler at Field of Dreams movie site 
  Prowling through Badlands National Park 
  Cruising near Ft. Mead 
  Chrome Illusion paint job on John & Deb Ross's Prowler 
  Karen & my 4th of July getups; Karen made the vest & hat bands 
  Candy Apple Red paint job with ghost flames on Prowler by Ed Goetz who sold Kat to his friend Harry 
  Downtown Deadwood Prowler display 
  Some of the Rock formations on route into Custer National Park 
  Going through tunnel on way into Custer National Park 
  Mt. Rushmore 
  Sculpture of the finished Crazy Horse Memorial 
  Reception & Checkin Cathi, Julie & Peter 
  Reception & Checkin, Phil, Larry, Donny, Bill, Danny, Joe 
  Reception & Checkin 
  Reception & Checkin 
  Clowning or Just getting ready for parade... 
  George & Charlotte Carter; Jim & Cathi Stallings 
  Bill, Tony, Keith - who took the Canadian coffee... 
  Gary & Judy Myers 
  Don & Sue Clark 
  Ed (aka Caped Crusader) with Bev & Marcia 
  Roger & Bev Freeman 
  John & Deb Ross 
  Arnie Amundson 
  Dave & Brenda Mills 
  Joe Powell 
  Phil & Jane Horvath 
  Jim & Judy Rogers 
  Donny & Donna Burnap 
  Jerry & Marcia Scholten 
  John Davies & Gary Cleverly 
  Jim & Doris Angle 
  Danny & Kim Adams 
  Ron Wood 
  Mike & Karen Gatlin 
  Bob & Teather Lavoie 
  Bob Wyman & Cathy 
  Tom & Susie Mills 
  David & Ericka Nazem 
  Ed Goetz & Harry 
  Ed & Sandy Monahan 
  Sam, Jerry, Marcia, & John Schultz 
  Larry Lord (MCing Crazy Horse dinner) & David Nazem 
  Crazy Horse Dinner 
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