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No Problem Raceway
No Problem Raceway event. Thanks Laddie and to The Racers. Pics and comments brought to you by Gary C To watch the videos please copy and paste these addresses: ....
Frank and Jessie(c-bigred)
Jim from Westech racing the 8.2 stroker
GC's sometimes running Pit bike,,,,,,,
Wasn't that car black with that plate
Miss Tami, only the good shots Tami
Always friends helping friends
Rich selling peeks at his motor for a buck and 5 dollars for a picture
I knew I shoulda got a Black Tie
BradleyG and Gordon, yes please smile for the 10th time, lol
Always a great POA spirit
OK, here is the orginally W..I..D..E angle shot.................
Should we take that camera away from that guy
DRBing Tami's ride, thanks Jim
Watching the road course event.
Laddie taking a break from helping running this show, good job Laddie....
hate when that happens...........
Laddie doing what he does best, maintaining his cool after his car broke backing out of the trailer.
ten minutes later she was fixed, thanks Jim
Don't look that guy is taking our picture again, Frank and Jessie
OK, still watching???????????????????????? But what?????
Ed's ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Jessie enjoying the road course, lotsa grins,,,,,,,,,
T and Bradley enjoying the course.........
Hey Mike don't look behind ya..............
Nice pass.....
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