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Skyline Drive Oct. 2008
Great group, great weather and FUN.
Harper's Ferry, WV
Antieham monument to the 130th PA Volunteer Infantry - (Psst...I think Dave Mills was in this group)
Antieham Vistor's Center - left to right: Jack Driscoll (guide - in hat), Gary Knepper, Rick Buehler, Brenda Mills, Diane McGuire, Bonnie Carter , and Tammy Knepper
What a difference a few days makes....bridge on the Potamac River, Harper's Ferry would be to the left.
Kat's parked in front of the "CornField". This cornfield was approx. 8 feet tall on the morning of the battle, and about 14 in. after. A Union veteran recalled, "[The cornfield] was so full of bodies that a man could have walked through it without stepping on the ground."
Antieham Vistor's Center - Dunkard Church view
The "CornField" - left to right: Noah Clark, Tammy & Gary Knepper, Steve Clark, Bonnie Carter(in Back), Dave Mills, Rod Endsley, Jeff Driscoll, Earl Carter (hidden), Rick Buehler
Tower at the "Sunken Road - Bloody Lane". Some of the day's most brutal combat occurred during the late morning along a sunken road held by the Confederates. For two and one half hours Union troops threw themselves at the entrenched Confederates finally dislodging them. The murderous fire from both sides left the battlefield strewn with corpses giving the road the name "Bloody Lane."
View of High Street in Harper's Ferry
Eating...left to right: Kevin Kiene, Dick & Diane McGuire, Bonnie Carter, Rod Endsley
Burnside's Bridge. Crossing over Antietam Creek, the bridge played a key role in the September 1862 Battle of Antietam during the American Civil War when a small number of Confederate soldiers from Georgia (...probably some of those Clark boys) for several hours held off repeated attempts by elements of the Union Army to take the bridge by force. Finally, the Federals seized it, but not before the attack had been delayed for several hours beyond what had been expected by Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside.
One shot of the "view"
Group shot - left to right: Earl & Bonnie Carter - ENCARTER, Kevin Kiene, Jyoti Cox, Steve (b) & Noah Clark, Gene Cox (b) MEANGENE, Tammy Knepper, Tyler Cox (b), Colin Cox (b), Gary Knepper - MDPROWLER (b), Rick Buehler, Brenda & Dave Mills (b), Jason Peng (b),Jack Dauer,Rod Endsley. BYW...Dick and Diane were holding Kat court in the parking lot. No..I don't need a new camera..the black dots are "nats".
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