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Big Cats on Florida's Space Coast
FL Kap Pack visted the Thunderhawk Big Cat preserve and cruised down Merrit Island with Dinner at the Chart House
Brian Richardson "Spoons" with the Tiger
Scott McPherson with a Tiger
Brian Richardson with a Lion
Female Lion
Two 8 month old tigers with one 10 month old white tiger
Ray Thunderhawk "Cudding" with 650 pound tiger
Black Panther
FL Kat Pack shows up at the Thunderhawk Big Cat Preserve
This male Lion has a very large main...bigger than normal
Michele Richardson with the lions
Soaking in the tub. This large tiget walked on the rim of the tub before he jumped in.
800 pound white tiger.... he like to try and spray us.
Scott McPherson with some female lions
10 big Kats lined up at the beach!
All the Kats lined up at the Chart House in Melbourne, FL
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