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  Arriving at the Hawthorne Hotel 
  Really nice accommodations 
  CJ's cat at Dick Clark American Bandstand Restaurant 
  First to arrive 
  Can't believe I agreed to this!  
  - Crap!!!  
  Gathering at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Restaurant for lunch! 
  Phil: Is it as good as Mom's apple pie? John: We're about to find out! 
  They bet me a hundred bucks I couldn't eat this whole thing! 
  I can't believe I ate the whole thing!!! I think I'm going to be sick! 
  Is everybody ready to go cruisin'?  
  Hey, this isn't a cruise.. they're lining up to use the litterbox!!! 
  Another pitstop? How many times did we have to stop on the way to Indy? 
  Back in the cars everybody! Time to go cruisin'! 
  Special parking at the night cruise! 
  Larry Mayes...... The Johnny Lightning Celebrity  
  It's a tough job..... but that's the life of a celebrity! 
  Check this out!!! 
  Tom and Susie Mills at the Indy track. 
  You want me to do this without music??!! 
  Okay, here goes...... 
  How was that? 
  Doesn't look much like a Prowler, but do you think we could fit that motor into the cat? 
  Mario wants to know "Who's that guy with the camera? He's staring at me...."  
  John: "You're not getting away before I get a picture Mario! Mario: Get this guy outta here! 
  John: "I did it! I did it! I got my picture with Mario. Now where is Michael?" Mario: "..and don't come back! 
  Mario's golf cart! 
  Tom & Susie Mills Larry & Sue Mayes John Schulz 
  Bob Longstreth, John Schulz, Tom & Susie Mills, Larry & Sue Mayes 
  And the trophy goes to... Larry & Sue Mayes for putting on such a great POA event!! 
  CJ & Bob Longstreth 
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