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2005 Cool September Days South Lake Tahoe, CA
2005 Cool September Days South Lake Tahoe 20th Annual Car Show. Well we tried to get a few more Prowlers to show up this year but there were only Linda Johnson and Al Collins with Linda's Silver Cat and Scott Curtis with His Black Cat. This is the 3rd Year for Linda and the Second for Scott. The event actually started 09/14/05 and lasted until 09/18/05. We traveled together on 09/16/05 and got some rooms at The Best Tahoe West Inn only a block away from the event for only 67.45 per night. After checking in at the show we boarded buses to the Marina and took a 3 hour Dinner Cruise on Lake Tahoe with the Tahoe Queen. Saturday was set up time as judging was to begin at 12PM-4PM. At 4PM Linda and Al went on a Poker run to Emerald Bay while Scott Curtis stayed at the show to answer questions about his Prowler. We failed to win on the Poker Run, had only a pair of 10s. The next morning after a hardy breakfast at Harrahs Linda and I went on a walking Poker run. We won BIG last year and this year we had the best hand with four 6s. It gave us two drawings in which I drew $50.00 and $40.00 dinners for two. I ran Scott's card and he drew the worst hand with 9 high and I drew a $25.00 gift certificate at a Jewelry store. Now what would Scott do with jewelry when he sells all kinds of jewelry for the Cat's? He ended up giving the certificate to Linda. Thanks Scott, now I don't have to buy her more jewelry for a year or two. Anyway Scott won his division last year but got beat out by a hot Corvette this Year. Linda however took Best of Show in her category of New Factory, Nostalgic, Look-a-like. After the Tahoe show we then took a cruise over the Mountain and ended up going around Donner Lake(Famous for the Donner Party). Had a great time and hope that we can get some more interest for next September. Please join us next year.
Beautiful view of Lake Tahoe from the top of Harrah's
Scott's showroom
The next few pictures are of various Collector Cars which I thought were different enough to share.
Wonder what that trailer would look like behind a Prowler?
Dusk at the Horizon Casino parking lot where the show was held.
Emerald Bay
Emerald Bay with the island and it's teahouse.
Scott captivates a local fisheman with his tales about the Prowler. I think he even had this guy believing the Cat could travel over water.
Oh,Oh, Scotts in line behind Linda. Does he really think the cats can drive on water?
Well, we started our own little car show and the local fishermen and women deserted their baited lines and rods and gathered around. I asked one if he wasn't worried about his gear and he said the cars showing up were more action than he had seen all morning.
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