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Wisconsin Dells Invasion - 2005
Wisconsin Dells Prowler Invasion 2005 Held at the Wintergreen Resort Activities included several local runs, a visit to the Easter Seals camp at the Dells, a panoramic photograph by Wahlberg Photographers, a night at the Big Sky Drive In Theater. Runs included New Glarus, a night at the drags, a trip to Norm's WesTech in Silver Lake, a night at a concert with Tim McGraw, and a 'river run' along the Mississippi from LaCrosse to Prairie du Chien, among others. A "scavenger hunt" type rally held on Monday also explored the immediate area around the Dells and culminated with the presentation of the event banner to Rich & Linda Ware. Thanks to ALL who helped and participated in this great event. Donations received were used to sponser a child's need and to help the Easter Seals camp.
64 Prowlers in the picture taken at Dells High School
Prowlers as far as the eye can see, on the way to the photo shoot..... ahead............
... and behind..... This was in many's views one of the highlights of the entire event... 64 Prowlers IN A ROW, with the assistance of two police departments holding off the traffic for this trip of about 5-6 miles! VERY cool! Thanks to Ray for coordinating this effort.
WHO says this group doesn't know how to have fun!
A wonderful experience visiting the Dells Easter Seals camp.
High mileage leaders ?
Another shot at the Easter Seals camp.
WHITE? What white? Oh no, that was crushed years ago!
Gettin' more 'go juice' on the way to the run down the Mississippi River! What a day! What a storm!!
Anyone seen a Prowler around here? Talk about "INVASION" !
One of many shots taken at the Host hotel Wintergreen Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Thanks to Shirley and the entire staff for going 'all out' for this group!
On site at the football field.... getting ready.
uuuuuuuuh Louise! psssst That's Chucks hand!
The Archer's were NOT here... I repeat... the Archer's were NOT here!
Steve's thinking up a name for his latest scent!
The Beast and The Beauty
Despite ALL rumors to the contrary... there were NO parking lot parties held at this event! We were too busy doing 'organized' stuff!
When Sandy mentioned calling out a search party for the elusive Mr. Ed .. well, this was the response !
Now THERE's a pair to draw to!
The new 2005 mule car.. TUIB is considering it as his next paint job! Somebody needs to send this guy the address for THE CLUB!
Sparklers!... this baby sets off alarms as it goes!
A drive-in in Spring Green WI.
Don't ASK!
Yes, Cnote.... Texas is thataway
Coupla Texas boys
Now THERE's a Class Act! Mr&MzBhvn! Thanks for your support! Next photo shoot should show Iris with a new necklace!
Almost blends right into the scenery
An evening's entertainment. My sincere thanks to you Guys! Greatly appreciated it.
A nite at the Drive-In with Zack and Cindy
STILL tryin' to figure out just what I stepped in?
Lining up for a ferry crossing.
A gorgeous photograph of CJ's Prowler taken by WildBill enroute to the Dells.
It's feedin' time!
I'm thinking this might be a view of the Mississippi River from a rest area?
No matter where you are ... this is cool !
Checkin' out the latest Water bottles
Real Rod Bob... a man of Many Talents! Thanks Bob for ALL your hard work in this endeavor.
Another of our new friends at the Easter Seals camp.
Trailers park in the back row please..... Segregation? LOL
One of many driver meetings
Photos taken in New Glarus.
Now THAT's Candy Apple Red!
Kevin and Duane paying strict attention to Ray's every word
Picture will never do it justice...
A dinosaur among Prowlers.... a Purple!
Break on through to the other side.
Jesse's Black Tie... the ONLY one there
The Ware's takin' home the banner!
Not exactly AT the Dells......but on the way!??!?! Just too good of a shot not to be included!
Discussing the next event... to be held in Hudson Bay!
A cut-and-paste type pano :)
Rich & Linda Ware.. in search of the elusive banner, in Devils Lake State Park, near Baraboo, WI.
We left a lasting impression on Wisconsin Dells. Thanks to ALL who came and made this a great event.
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