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Northwest Prowler Group 7th Annual Cannon Beach Blowout
The Northwest Prowler Group held it's 7th Annual Run To Haystack Rock aka Cannon Beach Blowout, with 20 Prowler cars in attendance at Cannon Beach,OR
Cars assemble Friday evening in front of the Morris Fireside Restaurant
Inside the dining room, prowler owners were visited by a special dignitary from Cannon Beach known as Jonny Nightingale.
There was also a surprise appearance of the Magicians' Magician, "Ernie" who wowed those present with feats of magic never before seen in Cannon Beach
Time for photo op of new and not recently seen group members. Here from afar are Andy & Maggie Perotta with their 2001 Burnt Orange car. They hail from northern Alberta, about a 23 hour drive from Cannon Beach. Welcome to the group.
Next are Steve & Kathy Johnson from Astoria, OR and their 02 Candy prowler.
Brand new to prowler ownership and the group are Don & Barbara Sidor from Klamath Falls, OR and their 99 purple prowler.
Saturday morning arrival at the US Coast Guard station in Astoria, OR
Craig, and others, enter the Group Training Room.
After an informative video about the local Coast Guard operations, members of the group were directed to park their cars on the tarmac around one of the USCG's rescue helicopters.
Look carefully and in this photo you will see each member standing beside their own car.
Look again and you will see USCG Public Information Officer Amy Sandbothe attempting to rescue one of the cars from it's owner.
Here Amy explains to the gentleman where he will hang from if he tries to rescue the helicopter from it's owner.
Back at the Morris homestead Saturday night it was time to look after some unfinished business. First was the unveiling and presentation to Daryl & Bruce Dickinson of a special gift in thanks for their hospitality on the Leavenworth tours.
Founding Father Tom Morris ponders "what could possibly top that?"
Others ponder the same question.
While still more ponder, Jim toasts pondering.
All pondering ceased when the Dickinsons were almost awarded the coveted dumb ass symbol, but to much amazement, they only came second.
The clear winner of the D - A award, presented by Gaby Wolf who is the original and never-to-be-topped honoree, was Marvin Gohl. Marvin gracefully explained why he was the most deserving recipient. Although the night before he was shaken up a little, he was probably not shaken up as much as the fellow in the next picture.....
who as you can clearly see was completely surprised by an unnamed heckler near the end of the "business" meeting. For those not present, you should know that an exciting tour schedule awaits in 2006 starting in late March or early April and running once per month through next October. Check your website often and plan to join the fun.
OK a little nostalgia now. This is a photo taken at the 1st Annual Run To Haystack Rock (Cannon Beach) in 1999. Two of the original 14 couples were present this year - Tom & Sue Morris - the hosts of this event every year since 1999, and Jim & Lois Brown from Vancouver, WA.
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