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Northwest Prowler Group Tacoma & Mt Rainier Tour
The Northwest Prowler Group begin with a tour of a container ship in Tacoma harbour on Friday night.
The Group onboard the container ship.
The ship's powerhouse
Those rigs really fly. Imagine them loading your Prowler on the ship!!!
Dockside as we leave the container ship.
First stop on the Saturday Mt Rainier tour.
This is the story about ...
.. this dam site.
It wasn't easy to find a parking spot for this many Prowlers on the mountain, but our leaders came through again.
Picnic time on the trip around Mt Rainier.
New meaning to "curbside service".
Who is that and what is he doing up there?
Gosh they just look like ants away down there.
A little relax time above the falls. The rumour is not true that they were contemplating a Lovers' Leap for former Prowler owners.
What it does not tell you is that those are VERTICLE distances.
This is what you see if you made the trek down the trail.
And this is proof of some who made that hike.
More proof of others who made it.
Note the rainbow at the bottom of the falls. Is there a Gold Prowler at the end of a rainbow?
Yeah these guys made it down the trail too. It just took them a bit longer than the previous groups.
OK so which pump has the hi-test gas?
What a colorfull group.
This is "Iron Mike" viewing the "Iron Mike" spring on the Longmire trail. The spring got it's name from the high iron content in the water. The guy got his name from his parents.
Now what are these two ladies studying so intensely? Note the "R" rating on the sculpture.
If this thing only had a 253 HP V-6 and 20 inch rear tires and was painted purple and ...
Yes this bike is as big as it looks.
More amazing iron sculptures.
New member Marvin with his 2001 Silver Prowler.
Mt Rainier up close.
Now for some artistic shots of the mountain.
Saturday night social with a North Carolina style pig BBQ in Fuzzy's super-dooper BBQ.
Some hungry and happy Prowlerites?
More of the same.
Taking the trolley to Sunday brunch at the home of Lois and Suzy and Carole and ....
Another group photo of the well-fed tourers. Note the especially happy face of one lucky lady who so graciously shared half her winnings with her husband.
Sandy & Wayne and 2001 Orange Prowler joined us at the garden in Tacoma.
Dick & Betty at peace in the garden.
Final group shot of most of the tourists at the garden in Tacoma.
A scenic stop on the 5 mile drive, and departure point for your photographer. Thank you everyone for another great weekend tour.
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