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Northwest Prowler Group Leavenworth, WA Tour
Back to Leavenworth, this time at the Icicle Inn
Early morning (7 AM) meeting of the 3 canucks in BC on the way to Leavenworth. Also the only known photo of the yellow prowler with the top up.
After meeting up with 3 more members in Burlington, WA the group head out on the North Cascades route and make their first pit stop. Note the Orange strange-shaped vehicle in the foreground.
Second and unscheduled stop on the Cascades for road work
Lunch stop at the very interesting town of Winthrop
Our home for the weekend in Leavenworth, the Icicle Inn, whose name was chosen to make the northern members feel right at home.
The hosts welcomed everyone and then read out the rules
After passing out numerous gifts, Bruce tells us there will now be a test of our finely honed skills on the very challenging course next door.
New member Heidi proves that Bruce did not contemplate any rule about going in the creek after an errant shot. Yours truly however, did not get the camera turned on in time to show how she cleverly removed all footwear before entering said stream.
Apparently this is a complicated process that requires many people to explain "you hit the ball into the hole".
Since this is the only team photo in existence, it follows that this could be the winning team. The scorecard of holes in one on every hole later confirmed ....that they knew not how to score.
Boy did the fellow who left this helmut behind ever have a swelled head.
Aren't they sweet? Bet they're just like that in the car too when one is giving the other navigating advice.
This couple on the other hand is always happy like this....since they now have someone else in their car to blame if they are going the wrong way....which I might add happens very very very rarely, unless they have a following.
Some of the cars in the hotel parking lot. There were 17 cars in total.
Did you count 'em to make sure?
First group photo of the tour.
Second group photo
And one more, this time with the photographer in the picture.
Scenic spot beside Lake Chelan.
Just another pit stop and photo op.
Time to stop for a picnic lunch
What a beautiful location.
Proof that anyone who drives a Prowler can be very dangerous in another vehicle.
"Uh all this water around my feet kinda reminds me of something I'd rather forget.."
"mind you a little water is not such a big deal, is it? is it? OK so maybe it is and I know what's going through your mind about just a little push...."
Boy, I know a couple that could have used this baby in their hotel room last night!
No I don't think those are Water Spaniels.
It was dinner time, but even a retired teacher knows an opportunity for a parent/teacher/student picture.
Dinner was held at Visconti's hosted by the gracious Dickinsons. This is the first table of contented guests.
A second table of very contented guests
This, of course, was a "before" picture of extremely happy guests
Then trouble-makers Mike and Tom took the stage and turned up the heat (which apparently is better than turning on the water).
and was this guy happy when the heat was off him...
hey it all turned out OK after all.. Gaby gets a little ass, or donkey or whatever, and now has a chance to terrorize everyone else into being the next candidate to "win" the first ever NWPG " U Are A Donkey " award.
so if a guy gets the award next, where exactly is he supposed to wear it?
OK so Jim was really really happy about something.
After dinner our hosts executed a little safety drill and showed the guest where it is that one is supposed to fall asleep.
the photographer was under strict instructions not to post any pictures taken after this one. So if you want to know what happens next, you have to come out to the next tour in August and see/enjoy it for yourself.
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