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Woodward and Back to the Bricks 2009
August 2009 15th Annual Woodward Dream Cruise and the 5th annual "Back to the Bricks" in Flint provided a great reason for Prowler Owners to get together.
Friday cruise, Hadley House Museum
Anna and son John Chisa look like they are speeding even when they are parked. Dad would love this pic
Back to the Bricks Friday night
Hey dude...its Bruce Simon
Duggans on Woodward
WildBill and "Hey Bob's" friend George from Dallas
Dan and Mary Joslyn Friday lunch on the lake
Jerry "Someone ate my ISCREAM" and Marsha Scholton
Bruce and Carol Simonsez
Contours live at Back to the Bricks
Dave Schelgel's silver and Joslyn's Woodward
Karen Gatlin while her hubby is running errands for her
Spreading the crowd while driving down Saginaw St and Back to the Bricks
Pam and Tom Gulyas
Dixie and Gene Snyder from Peoria
Jet Skier checking out the cars during lunch on the lake
Wild "I'm BADDD" Bill
Dave Schlegel and Mike Spence
Lyanne and Bill "Katatack" Somers
Dennis and Pat Pircer
Some cool facade and building renovation downtown Flint
Reflections from Diana Ross and the Supremes
Paying it backward on Woodward
Hot Town, Somers in the city, back of my neck gettin......
Pat and Dennis Pircer
Friday lunch parking on Lake Nepessing
That is Mac's Cat!
Mary Joslyn, Gene Snyder, Dave Schlegel and Bill Somers...The Intimidators!
Bruce and Carol "Simonsez"...follow us down Woodward
Parkin on the dock by the bay.
Don't mess with Frank Mannino
Bob, Bill and Bell
The Bricks at sundown
"Mac-Galaxie" the Knife
Bob and CJ
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