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Wine Country Classic - Infineon Raceway - Sonoma, CA
The 19th Annual Wine Country Classic was held under sunny breezy skies at the road track Infineon Raceway track near Sonoma, California (Sonoma County). Over 250 classic race cars - from a 1916 National to 1980's Porsche's - enjoyed two days of trials and races while visitors and enthusiasts got to visit them all in the paddock area both days. Lolas, Ferraris, Cobras, 'Vettes, Bugatis, Alfa-Romeos, Ford Sprints, MGs, Fiats, Jags, Siatas, Morgans, Triumphs, Austin-Healeys, Devins, Maseratis, Lister-Jags, Lotus', Aston Martins, Elvas, Ginettas, Shelby GT-350s, Huffackers, Coopers, Ford GT-40s, McLarens, Mustangs, Camaros, Javelins, Firebirds, 'Cudas AND MORE were all there charging around the track . Although not a regularly scheduled Nor-Cal Kat POA Prowler event, the track set aside a prime location car corral for the Kats near the featured San Francisco maganize's Wine Country Pavilion. On Sunday the 5th, Bob Harder's '99 Red Kat was the lone representative but, along with POA member Dan Mosier's '95 Dodge Viper RT/10, we got LOTS of attention having the primo location all to ourselves. After watching a few of the time trials and warm up races, we wandered down to the Mustang-Cobra-Pantera-Ferrari-Maserati-Viper corral (Man! Was THAT full of cars!!!) near the track entrance to check out the cars. When we noticed the Ferraris all pulling out and lining up, we asked an Infineon staffer what was up. He said that the Ferraris were getting ready to do some parade laps. Remembering how fun THAT can be from last year when a dozen Prowlers did laps, Dan and I pleaded our way onto the track and got to do two laps with the Ferraris and one Lamborgini. Once again, TOO COOL!! With one short boost, Dan hit 130 mph down the grandstand straightaway and I was having too much fun to notice what I got up to... Just another day in paradise...Prowler Style!!
1930 Morgan
1920 Falls B and Bugatis
'99 Red Kat and '95 1019 hp Viper RT/10 setting up for the show...
Dan's new hood and grill work...
New not-yet-patented trailer-hitch-umbrella-holder ...
New Viper 'Pit Crew' in training... (Twin Turbos!)
ALWAYS a crowd when Dan pops that hood!
Kat and rest!
Closeup of trailer hitch umbrella stand...
Got it the Shade!!!
Back on the track again!
Time to hit the track...That's All Folks!!!
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